BSNL Holidays 2022 : Effective / Restricted BSNL Holidays List

List of BSNL holidays 2022 includes compulsory holiday and restricted holiday for the office to be observed is updated with new declared holiday for Ambedkar Jayanti. As per the rules, there is a maximum number of 17 compulsory holidays i.e. EH (Effective Holiday) available per year, and these 17 are only the compulsory holidays to be observed in Central Government Offices during the year 2022.

And this is issued by Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (Department of Personnel and Training). From the list of 17, only 14 days will be decided by Central Government of India, but the other three holidays shall be decided by the Central Government Welfare Coordination Committee in the respective state.

So every state may follow the 14 compulsory holidays and 3 optional days as Effective holidays. No substitute holiday should allow if any of festivals initially declared subsequently happens to fall on a weekly off or any other non-working day or in the event of more than one festival falling on the same day.

BSNL Holidays 2022

Holiday Name Date Saka Date Day
Republic Day 26.01.2022 Magha 06Wednesday
Maha Shivratri 01.03.2022 Phalguna 10Tuesday
Holi 18 March 22 Phalguna 27 Friday
1944 Saka Era
Mahavir Jayanti 14.04.2022 Chaitra 24 Thursday
Good Friday 15 April 22 Chaitra 25Friday
Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramzan) 03.05.2022 Vaisakha 13Tuesday
Budda Purnima 16 May 22 Vaisakha 26Monday
Id-ul-Zuha (Bakrid)10.07.2022 Ashadha 19 Sunday
Muharram 09.08.2022 Sarvana 18 Tuesday
Independence Day 15.08.2022 Sarvana 24 Monday
Janmashtami August 19Sarvana 28 Friday
Mahatma Gandhi’s 02.10.2022 Asvina 10 Sunday
Dussehra October 05 Asvina 13 Wednesday
Milad-un-nabi or Id-e-milad (Prophet Mohammad 09.10.22 Asvina 17 Sunday
Diwali (Deepavali) 24.10.2022 Kartika 02 Monday
Guru Nanak’s Birthday 08.11.2022 Kartika 17 Tuesday
Christmas Day 25.12.2022 Pausha 04Sunday

*Holidays not available in all states, check each state for required

What is EH (Effective Holiday) ?

  • The short name of Effective Holiday is EH, Also calls as a closed holiday, which a BSNL employee can utilize for his vacation, All the effective holidays are treated as BSNL holidays, and offices are closed without any functional operations.

As per the Ministries order, the following is the list of BSNL holidays 2022 for all offices. where some of the holidays may change as per the local conditions and major festivals of that region, but the count does not exceed a maximum of 17 days only in the year 2022 also.

If any change in date of BSNL holidays in respect of Id’l Fitr, Idu’s Zuha, Muharram and Id-e-Milad, if necessary depending upon sighting Moon, would be declared by Ministry or Central Government Employees Welfare Coordination Committees at the State Capitals to change the EH, then only the PSU may change the BSNL holidays list.

So all the employee can have a chance to avail 17 compulsory holidays in year including 3 national holidays i.e. Republic Day, Independence Day and Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday.

In 2022, for Diwali (Deepavali) in certain states the practice is celebrating the occasion in advance on Naraka Chaturdasi Day, In view of that, there is no objection, if the holiday is to shift the holiday to Naraka Chaturdasi in place of Diwali day in the BSNL Holidays list of that state.

What is Restricted holiday

  • RH is known as Restricted holiday, and it is not a compulsory holiday, The name itself a restricted holiday, It is one type of extra Casual leave but on specified dates to be availed by BSNL employee only, In this 2022, there are 34 days included in BSNL holidays 2022 list.

If any queries on the closed days may clear at BSNL Customer Care Number regarding mobile, landline, or broadband services, All the dates mentioned in BSNL holidays list 2022 are accurate and the offices of BSNL are compulsorily closed on effective dates mentioned in the list of BSNL holidays for 2022, but, on the dates mentioned in Restricted holidays, the concerned employee-only may not available if availed RH.

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