BSNL Bihar STV Recharge Plans for Prepaid Mobile Calls, Data & SMS


It’s time to check the new STV recharge plans of BSNL Bihar circle to get activate the unlimited calls, 3G / 4G data and free SMS, Find the special rate cutters price and validity in each category of Bihar circle providing with or without combo benefits at affordable rates…

Now you can choose the best pack from the required category applicable for BSNL Bihar prepiad tariff validity plans under GSM mobile services, and activate the required BSNL recharge online with multiple payment options like UPI and more. Let us check the STV plans in Bihar for Oct 2023.

STV Amount in RsFreebies/PlanDATASMSFree Voice CallsAdditional Features
STV 8714 Days1GB/Day—————————
2G/3G VOICE 8835 Days—————————10paisa/Min and b)2Paisa/Min
STV 9918 Days———99 SMSPRBTOnly voice calls
STV 11820 Days0.5GB/Day100/Day——————
STV 139 (For Inactive GPII Customers)28 Days1.5 GB/Day———Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming calls———
STV 14730 Days10 GB———Unlimited Local/STD calls to Any Network
2G/3G VOICE 15924 Days——————22500 Seconds Local/STD Calls Anynet
STV 18428 Days1GB/Day100/DayUnlimited Voice Calls———
STV 18528 Days1GB/Day100/DayUnlimited voice calls———
STV 18628 Days1GB/Day100/DayUnlimited Voice Calls———
STV 18728 Days1.5 GB/Day100/DayUnlimited Voice Calls———
STV 20990 Days——————Rs.25 talktimeLocal anynetwork voice call @1paise/2 seconds plus
STV 24730 Days50 GB100 SMS/DayUnlimited———
GamingSTV 26928 Days2GB/Day100SMS/DayU/LBSNL Tunes + EROS Now + ZING + Lokdhun
STV 29852 Days1 GB/Day100/Day———EROS NOW
STV 29930 days3GB/Day100/Day——————
STV 31965 Days10 GB300SMSUnlimited
STV 34754 Days2GB/Day100 SMSU/LArena Mobile Gaming Service
STV 39970 Days1GB/Day100/DayU/LBSNL Tunes + Lokdhun
STV 43990 Days300 SMSU/L———
STV 48582 Days1.5GB/Day100SMS/dayU/L
STV 49975 Days2 GB/Day100 SMS/dayUnlimited BSNL tunes + Zing
STV 59984 Days3 GB/Day100 SMS/dayUnlimited———
GamingSTV 76984 Days2GB/Day100 SMS/dayU/LBSNL Tunes + Hardy Mobile games + arena Mobile Games + Zing + Lokdhun

BSNL Voice / Combo STV Plans in Bihar

BSNL DATA STV Plans in Bihar

STV AMOUNT in RsValidity(Days)DATAAdditional Features
131 Day2 GB———
7321 Days200 MB———
9430 Days3 GB———
9715 Days2GB/Day———
9822 Days2 GB/DayEROS NOW Entertainment  Services
19840 Days2 GB/DayEROS NOW Entertainment  Services
39830 Days120 GB100 SMS +Free Caller Tune + Lokdhun Content
1515365 Days2GB/Day———


STV PricesCountry NameChargesValidity
57STV activation/extension for pre-paid international roaming30 Days


STV PricesFree SMSValidity
31Free 385SMS, Max 200SMS/day30 Days
5286SMS ( Free Any Network)30 Days

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