ONGC Scholarship Apply Online – Find Terms & Eligibility


Apply and avail the benefits of ONGC scholarship and economical support for your education. Check the eligibility and know how to apply for it through online followed by required documents.

Education is the powerful catalyst for an individual to improve, progress and become a responsible citizen of this society in their life. Many aspiring students who want achieve their dream, may not be able to reach their dream because they don’t have the access quality due to their family financials and that’s where this ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited) Scholarship Program comes into the picture.

The ONGC Scholarship Program is more than just financial assistance by providing a platform for bright minds to access quality education, ONGC aims to empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make meaningful contributions to their communities and the society as whole.

ONGC Scholarship

The ONGC means Oil and Natural Gas Corporation. It is one of the government companies which engaged in the oil exploration, development, and production of natural gases and crude oil. It is covenant by under the leadership of ministry of petroleum and Natural gas Government of India.

ONGC Scholarship
ONGC Scholarship

You have known about ONGC in above mention paragraph. Now you going to know about its scholarship given below.

  • Every year 2000 Students gets benefited by this ONGC Scholarship
  • This Scholarship only based on merit
  • ONGC donate this Scholarship for all types of Students both UG and PG courses
  • They contribute 48000 rupees, every year until completion of the course. They can give 4000 rupees for every month
  • Out of 2000 scholars, they give 1000 scholars for SC/ST and 500 Scholars for OBCs and remaining 500 scholars for EBCs students
  • They can contribute 50% of scholarships for women in each discipline.

These are the importance aspects to know about ONGC scholarship.

Eligibility to Apply ONGC Scholarship

You must be able to meet some eligibilities to get any type of scholarship. Here are some required eligibilities for getting ONGC scholarship, they are explained below in detailed manner.

  • Nationality: You are must and should be an Indian (for only Indian)
  • Qualifying examination details:
  • For Engineering/ MBBS students: They must be passed the class 12th exams with minimum of 60% marks (result giving based on marks). In case results furnish with based on CGPA they have minimum 6.0 CGPA.
  • For master’s degree course in MBA, Geology and Geophysics: The students must have completed their graduation with minimum 60% marks. In case of marks provide with based on CGPA/ OGPA they have minimum 6.0 CGPA.
  • Present educational restrictions: The candidate must be full-time student in any one of the above mention category students. There is other type of category students also eligible for this. Students who are studying AICTE/UGC/MCI/State University/ state education board etc.
  • Category of students: Scheduled Caste (SC)/ Scheduled tribe (ST)/ Other Backward Classes (OBC) and General Categories, these all-categories students are eligible for this ONGC Scholarship.
  • Family annual income: This portion is almost different for both SC/ST candidates and OBC/ General candidates.
  • For SC/ST applicants: Family income less than 4.50 lakh rupees per annum from all place of origin.
  • For OBC/General candidates: Family income less than 2 lakh rupees per annum from all source
  • Age limit: up to 30 years old you are eligible for applying ONGC Scholarship.

These are the required eligibilities for applying ONGC Scholarship. Before applying, you should keep in mind about these eligibility criteria.

Terms and Conditions from ONGC Scholarship

To follow the terms and conditions for ONGC Scholarship is important and you can simply understand those conditions. You are avoiding some problems. If you can follow and learn about those terms and conditions for ONGC Scholarship.

If you don’t know about those terms and conditions, you don’t worry. I will explain here with clear explanation. Don’t miss it. Go head till end.

  • The applicant who are planning to apply for ONGC scholarship, they should not be part of any other scholarship.
  • To make sure to submit those marks sheet and study performance in every academic annual examination
  • They have ensured to obtain minimum 50% marks(or) 5.0 grade points out of 10
  • In case of there are any backlogs in annual exams then, scholarship will not be reimbursed for that particular year to that particular student

These are the important terms and conditions for ONGC Scholarship to the applicants who are planning to apply for ONGC Scholarship.

Required information for ONGC Registration

This ONGC application is based on registration, which is most essential step. For this process you’re required some information. That basic required information is given below.

  • You must have a valid Email ID and valid Phone Number
  • Your personal details like date of birth, first name and last name etc.

Documents required for ONGC scholarship application

Before you start that applying process, you must have these documents is with you while applying. Because, without these documents you can’t complete your application form. I will inform that required documents in clearly.

  • Cast certificate in the form of English/Hindi language
  • Copy of 10th secondary education marks list (10th class) marks list
  • If you are UG students then it is necessary to keep that 12th class marks list copy with you
  • In case, if you are PG students then you will hold that copy of consolidated Graduation mark sheet along with you
  • Copy of your annual family Income Certificate in the form of Hindi/ English language.
  • Keep your Bank details with you like account number etc.

Note: Those bank details are belonging student only means you can provide student account only.

How to Apply ONGC Scholarship Online

In the given below I will explain complete process of applying ONGC application in clear and detailed manner with step-by-step. So go through until end, move on this without late.

  1. Go to the official website of ONGC scholarship by the help of
  2. Read the points, Tap on OK option
  3. Click on “Apply Scholarship” option it is in the top of the right side in first option
  4. You will select the scholarship as per your category and your study courses
  5. Once read that given information for clear vision
  6. Scroll down until you find the “DECLARATION” option it is in dark green colour box, Now download that declaration from college by clicking
  7. Below that declaration option you find that “UNDERTAKING” option with dark green colour, download that undertaking of applicant by taping

Note: it is necessary to fill those both declaration and undertaking forms and make a signature from required members

  1. Before, tap on that “Apply” option button, you make a tick mark on given small empty box
  2. Now you are completely ready to apply this ONGC Scholarship
  3. Tap on “apply” option button for going further process
  4. Then, the application form is open. Totally it consists 6 steps. Look at each by section wise

Step 1:

  • This portion is completely deals with your basic information.
  • Provide all required information in given spaces
  • Tap the “Next” option given below to move to further process

Step 2:

  • This section is deals with your Correspondence Address
  • in this you will enter the needed data in those given blanks
  • click on “Next” option button to proceed the application process

Step 3:

  • This given step deals with Details of the Institute and education details
  • Fill the required information in given empty spaces
  • Hit on that Next option for going to next section

Step 4:

  • This section completely deals with your financial assistance
    • Note: Before starting that you have one statement. That is Whether the applicant is in receipt of scholarship from any others. you will answer that with yes/ No only.
  • Click on next option for proceed the application process

Step 5:

  • This portion fully deals with your Bank details it is also known as ECS means (Electronic Cleaning Service)
  • Enter the required details in given spaces
    • Note: After you done with filling the above form, there is “download form” option in the right side in last. And download this form and take access from your bank manager and collect it.
  • Click on next option button for next step

Step 6:

  • This is the last step to complete your ONGC Scholarship application
  • In this section you need to Upload your required documents
  • After that, upload the documents then your ONGC Scholarship application process is complete

In this way you will apply for ONGC, I hope that this article gives complete information on ONGC Scholarship and its applying process.


The ONGC Scholarship Program is a profound initiative by the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, aimed at aspiring students from various backgrounds to pursue their academic dreams.

By offering financial assistance based on merit, not only lightens the financial burden for the students and their families but also contributes to the development of a more educated and skilled society. Remember, every dream is worth pursuing, and with the right support and resources, nothing is unachievable.

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