BSNL CMD Shri P.K. PURWAR Motivational Message for Employees, Enjoin all Staff to Participate in Strong Sales & Marketing


On 15th July 2019, Shri Pravin Kumar PURWAR has taken the charge as BSNL New Chief Managing Director (CMD) and sent a new motivational message for all their employees and officers in making their best participation for future growth of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.

It was indeed a humble moment for me, when I took charge as BSNL CMD, the head of this great organization which has an incredible legacy.

As you are aware that the telecom industry is in distress and BSNL is also facing the heat, however, on behalf of BSNL Board, I would like to assure that there is a sincere effort by the Government to revive BSNL, and I assure you full support and cooperation from BSNL Corporate Office and at the same time expect the same from you and your team.

This is an industry which is driven by the technology therefore, it respects only those who can keep abreast with fast changes, Disruption and innovation is the key to success so our approach should change from routine traditional to an innovative one, and In this difficult time, I would like each one of you to ponder and re-invent ourselves with an objective that how one can contribute to increase both the top line and bottom line for the company within the available constraints.

In order to remain relevant in this industry and serve the nation with pride, let us follow the mantra given by the Government i.e. Reform, Perform and Transform.

As a first step towards transformation, I would like you to have much more aggressive targets such as in the CFA vertical by retaining the net landline customer base as on 31.3.2019 and provision of at least double the Bharat Fiber FTTH) connections as provided in the last year (2018 & 2019), This can only be achieved by sustained efforts on Sales & Marketing.

To retain BSNL customer base and increase the FTTH connections, we should take all steps to improve our customer deliveries, therefore, we should have a fault clearance within four hours in urban areas and six hours in rural areas, providing the landline, Broadband in 24 hours and FTTH connections within 48 hours.

Similarly, in the CM vertical we should achieve at least two million gross connections every month with target of I 0% increase in VLR figures, and this can be achieved by focusing on our sales channel, Go to Retailers strategy, Branding at Retailers’ premises and organizing Melas in your area.

The aim should be to increase the IN revenue by at least 10% in this financial year which can be achieved by increasing the market share and maintaining the uptime of BTS.

In the Enterprise Business vertical, the target should be to increase revenue by at least 25% from the last financial year, and the focus should be not only to hold on to our existing enterprise customers but to get new customers under this segment as it has very high revenue potential, and we must aim to provision at least 50% leased circuits within 15 days of booking.

Our focused attention shall be to increase the number of enterprises availing the services of BSNL and meeting the complete requirement of telecom services of such enterprises.

In the Finance segment, attention should be paid on monitoring collection efficiency as well as recovering of old outstanding dues under the Project ‘Aishwarya’, and we shall also pay special attention to earn at least Rs.1000 crores in the current financial year by renting out the vacant I under-utilized built up spaces.

ln addition to above, we also have to focus on reduction of our operating cost by rationalization in power consumption and greater emphasis on utilizing our existing manpower instead of outsourced activities, There is a need to relook at expenditure from open approach and tool every possibility to optimize and rationalize existing resources so that the overall cost can be reduced and the outsourcing can be reduced.

I shall be monitoring closely these key parameters to bring perceptible changes in the functioning of your circle with measurable outputs, My doors are always open for any constructive suggestions for the growth of the company, I am confident that with the highly experienced and sincere employees in our organization, we would be able to achieve the above goals which will be instrumental in reviving this organization.

Let’s all swing to ACTION (Adopting Changes to Improve Outcomes Now).

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