BSNL MBA Live Projects / Internship at NATFM Hyderabad


Identify Live MBA projects offered by BSNL to PG / UG students and join along with Internship programme now launched as combo offer at NATFM Hyderabad.

Every student of Master’s Degree requires doing final projects, If completes with BSNL MBA Live Projects, that’s too with internship to PG and UG management students in national level apex training institute, It’s an amazing thing for the student’s bright future.

BSNL NATFM (National Academy of Telecom Finance and Management), A National level Apex training academy located at Gachibowli Hyderabad offers the best MBA projects to expertise the business management students to work with the best management skills, after the live project work also.

Every multinational company expects their workforce with strong fundamental knowledge, BSNL NATFM trains every student practically to develop and to acquire the best skills, and also allows every student to go through a lot of reference books on Management subjects with a variety of journals available at the well-equipped library.

Who can apply for BSNL MBA Live Projects

BSNL NATFM facilities Post Graduate/ MBA (Master of Business Administration) students and any diploma level student in business management education, but all these students are allowed to do their BSNL MBA Projects (Live) work on below mentioned various specialized disciplines only

  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Marketing and Customer Care

Many of the students are searching for about the BSNL MBA Projects offered by BSNL NATFM, So here, we are presenting the Live Projects list provided by the Institute of National Academy of Telecom Finance and Management .

FINANCE Projects

Si.No Topics in Finance Stream
1 EOQ (Economic Order Quantity)
2 ABC Analysis (Inventory)
3 Vendor Performance
4 Centralized Purchase
5 Company Analysis with Ratio/ Fund Flow
6 Cash Management/ Fund Management
7 Working Capital Management
8 Importance of Budget
9 Essentials of a Valid Contract
10 Corporate Finance
11 TDS – Contractors / Salaries
12 Service Tax and VAT
13 Comparative Study of Industries (Financial Angle)
14 Study On Commodity Futures
15 Capital Budgeting Techniques
16 Inventory Management
17 Financial Statements Analysis
18 Ratio Analysis
19 Corporate Governance
20 A Study On Cash Flow Analysis
21 Budget Process In BSNL
22 Financial Performance Analysis
23 CENVAT Credit
24 Procurement Procedures
25 Fixed Asset Management
26 ROI (Return On Investment)
27 Project Appraisal
28 Project Analysis
Provides guidance on any topic (BSNL MBA Projects) chosen by students except Portfolio Management, Banking sector, and SEBI


Si.No Topics in BSNL MBA Projects “Marketing Stream”
1 Consumer Perception Survey
2 Service Quality Study
3 Service Process Mapping – Back Stage, On Stage
4 Improving Service Quality Using Service Blue Printing
5 Competition Analysis
6 Service Standards
7 Customer Satisfaction Survey
8 Study On Effectiveness Of Employee’s Role In Service Delivery
9 Effectiveness Of Distributors/ Direct Selling Agents In Service Delivery
10 Customer Data Analysis
11 A Study Of Institutional Markets
12 Effectiveness Of Promotion Schemes
13 Measurement Of Brand Awareness And Brand Perception
14 Customer Loyalty Study
15 Study Of Purchase Influencing Factors
16 Customer Profiling
17 Effectiveness Of Channels (On-Line/Internet) In Service Delivery
18 Effectiveness Of Channels (Distributors/DSAs) In Service Delivery
19 Collection Management
20 Customer Relations Management
Note: Provides guidance on any topic(BSNL MBA Projects) chosen by students Topics in HR STREAM


Si.No Topics in Human Resoure Management Stream
1 Recruitment and Selection
2 Training and Development
3 Team Building
4 Compensation Management( Pay Roll and Salary Components)
5 Competency Mapping
6 Skills Management
7 SWOT Analysis of HR in Indian/ Global Industry/ Sectors
8 Management Development
9 Job Enrichment
10 Utility of HR in Change Management
11 Organizational Behavior
12 Motivation And Stress Management
13 HRM Policy
14 Leadership Development
15 Performance management system (performance appraisal at different levels across the org. Hierarchy
16 Training Process and Evaluating its Effectiveness
17 Job Satisfaction
18 A Study on Training Methods
19 Absenteeism
20 E – HRM
21 HR Planning
22 Performance Appraisal, BBSC, GPMS
23 Quality of Work Life
24 Strategic HRM
25 Attrition Control and Retention
26 Talent Management
27 Labour Welfare Schemes
28 Liberalization On HR Functions
29 Key Performance Areas
30 Key Result Areas
31 Downsizing/ Resizing Strategies
Note: Provides guidance on any topic (BSNL MBA Projects) chosen by students Topics in HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT STREAM

How can a student apply for MBA Projects

Business administration students who want to do their MBA live project work at BSNL NATFM Hyderabad can directly contact at NATFM, RTTC BSNL, Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 500 032, and select any of the required BSNL MBA Projects,
For any queries on projects, you may call at 040-23006773, 23002200, 9490174199 or reach at
To contact in online, concerned officer will approach you will all the details

Fee for MBA Projects & Internship

Project Fees

  • The total cost for BSNL MBA Projects work will be Rupees 4250 (excluding GST).

Internship Fees

  • The total fees for Internship will be Rs 5000 + GST

BSNL MBA Project + Internship

  • Under the combo offer, an amount of Rs.7000 + GST has to be paid.

When the Future is Present and Tomorrow is Today. Imparting Knowledge for Tomorrow’s Today.
NATFM for the best of Tomorrow’s Today.

So all the students of business administration, Join with reputed Indian Telecom giant, and do your live MBA projects in BSNL under the guidance of best professionals which will help for your bright future.

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