5 Best WiFi Routers 2023 in India for Home or Office


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We now live in the world of Internet and browsing where every gadget and device like Smartphone, Laptop, Computer, Smart TV, Home and office tools all rely on the speed of Internet you have, but the only way these can work up to the performance is when we provide them with the best WiFi router.

So, to make all these smart devices work exceptionally well we use WiFi connection with the help of modern routers that we usually call as WiFi router, and Now a days there seems to be no home, office, intuition or even mobile vehicles without the option of WiFi router because people absolutely need those in their daily life.

Best WiFi Routers

In order to make your daily life easier we are going to talk about the best WiFi routers in India that you can use for multipurpose as well, and we will cover budget and performance based routers so that you get what is worth every penny you spend on these devices, and all these will work for all ISP including BSNL Fiber to Home which allows upto 100Mbps.

Name of the RouterData SpeedChannelsCost of WiFi Router
TP Link TL WR820N300 Mbps2 Antennas + 1 WAN Port + 2 Lan PortsAt Rs. 999 (After Discount)
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D Link DIR 825 AC12001200 Mbps2 External AntennasFrom Rs. 2100
Tenda N301 Wireless N300300Mbps2 AntennasFrom Rs. 1150 (After 39% Discount)
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TP Link Archer C60 AC13501350 Mbps4 AntennasUpto ₹ 2999 after 25% discount
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Google WiFi System – Whole Home CoverageCovers upto 1500 Sq.FtGoogle WiFI SystemFrom ₹ 13799
  1. TP-Link TL-WR820N

One of the most prominent models in the WiFI router industry comes from TP and we are talking about the absolute model TL-WR820N which can support up to 300Mbps, and It’s true that this is a budget router that works well in India but don’t forget that it has exceptional features as well.

It is compact with a nice design, bowing with 2 extended antennas for exceptional support and engagement to connected devices, and it comes with quick installation features like plug and play, while accessing the router Ip is a piece of cake to change password and all.


  1. Speed : Exceptionally it can get you to run over a speed of 300Mbps which is very well for a any bandwidth users in India, where this type of routers can be used well for home and small office purposes where limited devices are connected via it.
  2. Design : Small and sleek design with 2 antennae at either end making it robust to send out data the same way it receives Ethernet connection.
  3. Performance : It has 2 LAN ports and 1 WAN port which as quick as run of the mill that keeps the connected devices always in check to receive great speed and value.
  4. Price : It might sound amusing but this device comes only at a price of ₹999 online which could make you wonder, if you want to order this right away?

2. D-Link DIR-825 AC 1200

D-Link has the finest brand in terms of modem and router in the past few decades and it serves the fame well by providing DIR-825 AC 1200 model which is one of the best performance based WiFi routers in India. Yes, you’ve heard me right it can get you the performance you need even with multiple devices running over the same connection via router.


  1. Speed : It is a LAN and WAN based router that can capacitate 1200Mbps with dual band that makes it seamlessly powerful.
  2. Design : It has a very neat design that comes with 2 external antenna that can bring value to the money right away.
  3. Performance : It has a frequency range of 2.4GHz to 5Ghz along with dual band 1200Mbps speed making it a beast in the WiFi router industry.
  4. Price : As the performance and specifications are so well made, the device is ranged at ₹2,100 in the market.

3. Tenda N301 Wireless – N300

Another big brand in the world of Internet is Tenda which has made some exceptional products and one of them is N301 that is power pact WiFi router that comes at very reasonable cost at the same time, and it also comes with 2 antenna that helps to provide more integrity and performance to the connected devices and remote stations.


  1. Speed : As the name suggests this router can get up to 300Mbps speed
  2. Performance : It might seem small but it is well built with 2 antenna that work in omni direction i.e, providing greater performance to directions in all ranges.
  3. Design : In terms of design, this is the most compact and sleekly made router in the industry that services with huge performance.
  4. Price : Even though it has such good performance criteria you would still love it because the price range is around ₹800 in the market.

4. TP-Link Archer C60 AC1350

We have another product on the list here by TP-Link, the model Archer C60 AC1350 is more of a robust performance WiFi router in India, and I am sure if you are looking for a router for office then this would work really well and bring value to the money spent with speed, performance it has.


  1. Speed: It has two band frequencies that both give a combined speed of 1350Mbps
  2. Performance: WiFi is faster because it comes with two band frequencies with 2.4Ghz giving 450Mbps, 5.0Ghz giving 867Mbps.
  3. Design: The router comes with 4 antennas and the top is designed well with stripes that makes it eloquent to look at as well.
  4. Price: This router is priced around ₹2,250 but when we look at the performance then you might make an exception here.

5. Google WiFi System – Whole Home Coverage

We all know how well Google makes it products which we’ve learnt from the pixel devices but make no exception here because this single router system is enough for your whole home, and I know there are a lot of people who want a single router which can not just give performance but can allocate the same performance speed to every device connected to it.

The whole system is capable of covering to a total of 1,500 Sq.ft which is very high performance and there is no other router in the market that can match those features.

  1. No Dead Zones or Buffering : Google WiFi system is built to cover all your home even if you put it somewhere in the corner or closed room.
  2. Networking Performance : It comes with assist technology that helps you keep connected to the WiFi system even when your move from one room to another.
  3. WiFi App : It comes with a WiFi app for Google where you can monitor the performance of other devices, monitor children’s and can also put restrictions.
  4. Price : The Google WiFi system costs around ₹13,800 in the market but if you come from a home or office with more users who need better performance then I would recommend this product.

Conclusion: Thank you all for reading this article about the 5 Best WiFi routers in India which will surely enhance the wireless internet range in your home or office and we are sure that you would love to use one of the best router from the list we’ve reviewed today.

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