Jio Full Form

Jio Telecommunications by Reliance Industries has become one of the fastest growing companies in India and around the world by creating advancements in the world of Technology and Internet services. You might be using Jio products and services as well, but do you know what is the full form of Jio till now?

In case if you do not know, then need to worry because in this article below we will help you with Jio full form and some more details as well.

Jio Full Form

The company code for Jio telecommunications is RJIO which stands for Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd (RJIO). Apart from this, actually the Jio word full form stands for Joint Implementation Opportunity.

So, if you understand the company segmentation then it means Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd (RJIO) is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries. 

Jio Full Form In Hindi

Reliance JIO full form in Hindi is रिलायंस जियो इंफोकॉम लिमिटेड and JIO full form in Hindi is संयुक्त कार्यान्वयन अवसर.

You may find different services from Reliance Jio to cater the wired and wireless service to the customers across the nation, Here is the list to have a look