Humiliate Meaning in Hindi & Similar Words


Just check Humiliate meaning in Hindi and the similar words(synonyms) used in place of it in both Hindi and English…

Humiliate is an English word that means the act of criticizing someone to make them feel depressed, feel shared or hurt their pride as well. For the same word, i.e, Humiliate meaning in Hindi has a similar understanding as well that we are going to help explain you in this article through a few sentences and examples.

humiliate meaning in hindi
Humiliate Meaning in Hindi

Humiliate Meaning in Hindi

In HindiIn English
Humiliateअपमानित करना
नीचा दिखाना

Similar words for Humiliate in Hindi

There are different meanings of Humiliate in Hindi language out of which the most commonly used words in Hindi are अपमानित करना and नीचा दिखाना.

Here, अपमानित करना can pronounce as Apamanit Karna and नीचा दिखाना can pronounced as Nicha Dikhana. Both the words in Hindi are the same meaning of the word Humiliate, and that it is an act of criticizing, making fun of, looking down or hurting someone’s pride.

Meaning :- Act of humiliating someone i.e, criticizing to look down on someone, causing someone to feel shame or trying to hurt someone’s pride.

Perfect meaning for Seeking to Humiliate in Hindi?

Seeking to Humiliate meaning in Hindi means when someone tries to humiliate a person and this can be described using either one of these words अपमानित करना or नीचा दिखाना.

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