BSNL Billing Complaint, Whom to Contact to Resolve

Presenting the escalation process of BSNL billing complaint and the authorized one to contact for early resolution of the complaints…

In general we have to submit a written request to concerned commercial officer of customer service center about BSNL billing complaint to resolve, but here, you know the process of escalation about BSNL billing complaints.

With this step by step escalation, you may know where you can approach and how the same resolved in priority basis, Let’s check briefly to resolve billing problem if any towards BSNL broadband or Landline or FTTH.

When BSNL Billing Complaint Raised?

  1. Bill Payment done twice differently as below, but not adjusted.
    • Directly in cash counter
    • Once in Online portal and second in counter.
    • Two times in BSNL Online payment portal
  2. One time charges included even availing new service during offer period.
  3. Bills raised even service not working and complaint lodged but not resolved by BSNL.
  4. Paid Bills in UPI portal but not adjusted.


In general, the first case may be resolved automatically in the next billing month by adjusting the excess paid bill amount when bill raised. If not adjusted, then the customer may approach concerned Accounts Officer (Telecom Revenue) directly or through Commercial Officer.


If subscribed to a new connection during the promotional offer and billed with installation charges in the coming month, must approach the Accounts Officer (TRA) directly or through CO of your area may resolve the issue and revised the bill with reduced charges.

BSNL Broadband TopUp charges added, even not subscribed. In this case you must approach AO TRA, then they will confirm about the subscriptions and if confirmed, will reduce the bill or informs you about the subscription dates.


In this case, the customer has to submit a written request about the billing issue for non working period, then the concerned officer (BSNL JTO / SDE) may certify about the non working of telecom services for the particular period and send the request to concerned AO with necessary recommendation with real time problem, then the bill may be revised.

Case 4:

In this case, BSNL authority is not responsible, until the amount received by BSNL, so you may complaint to concerned UPI portal at first, and if they provide any payment authorizations, then please approach to AO TRA BSNL with that receipt details.

The above is the detailed process to be followed, and if any staff or any other person taken the complaints may also approach the concerned AO TRA to resolve the billing problem, so it is recommended to approach nearest area commercial officer or SSA AO TRA for any billing problems.

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