How to Contact Seller on Amazon Before or After Purchase


Do you know how to contact seller on Amazon, Just check the different ways to contact Amazon seller on requitement any time before or after purchasing the product from Amazon store…

Amazon is an open source platform which allows buyer and seller to actively participate in buying and selling of goods. Buyer on Amazon does have multiple options to choose the Goods of the same variety from various sellers.

There are the same products listed from different sellers, who give different flexible options which almost vary for some little amount with each other. Through this article, you can learn of different methods you can use to contact sellers on directly.

 Contact Seller on Amazon
Contact Seller on Amazon

How to Contact Seller on Amazon

There are options for Buyer and Seller to get in direct connection with each other, without actually involving the customer service. Any product issue or update can be directly reported to the seller, by using the various communication mediums provided in Amazon.

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Contact Seller through Product Listing Page

In case if you wish to get in contact with sellers on Amazon, then you would go to the product listing page and get the required information. Here is the process which will help you to get in contact with the seller.

  1. Visit the official website of Amazon from your browser
  2. Now click on product which you would like to buy
  3. Scroll down and check for ‘Sold by’ option to view seller name
  4. Click on that link and you may taken to seller information page
  5. Now click on ‘Ask a Question’ on seller page and fill your details
  6. Select details and as well add any attempt if you have to upload
  7. Now click on Send Email button, once all details are filled

Contact Amazon Seller through Order Page

Customer can also get in contact with the Seller on Amazon, form the order page. The methods opted if you have ordered something from Amazon and it has got any issue with delivery.

  1. Launch the Amazon App or move to the official website of Amazon
  2. Click on Your Orders and then wait for all the Orders to display
  3. Select the Order and then tap on ‘Get Help with order’ form options
  4. Or select Leave Seller Feedback if you have already received the order
  5. Or select Problem With order if you have not yet received the order
  6. Here you can provide your information required to connect
  7. The customer service of Amazon will make sure to update your request

Contact with Amazon Seller Message

Amazon allows the customer to have connected with customer through the Messaging option which is provided to ensure there is safe movement of goods. Here is the process which you can follow to connect with sellers on Amazon.

  1. Move to the Amazon Official website or load the Amazon App
  2. Now click on ‘your account ‘ from the option of ‘Accounts & list’
  3. Scroll down to ‘communication and content’ and look for Seller option
  4. Click on Messages from Amazon and Sellers to open the Inbox
  5. In Message Centre, all message from Buyer and Seller shown
  6. This way you can connect with Seller whom you have already texted


Can I directly contact Seller on Amazon?

In case any product that you have brought from Amazon, does require a service person for installation. Then once the delivery made, the seller will automatically contact and provide information for service of the product in quick time.

Why the same product listed with different prices by sellers?

The sellers on Amazon have their own comfort to rate the product which they have sold. The price almost the same for all products listed but the actual price may differ based on the percentage of discount that given by the Seller, which mostly seen from authorized sellers.

Does Amazon allow buyers to connect with sellers?

Amazon has their dedicated customer service, where the executive will provide you information about the seller in case the product service oriented. As well they will try to get the product issue resolve themselves by connecting with the seller and keeping an update to the buyer.

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