Example of Cheer, Chants and Yells


You must have been to a camp for fun or a team-building activity. We love to yell when we are at the camp. Chanting, cheering and yelling is all thatmake the camp interesting and fun. While going to school or playing a game in school, we sometimes cheer our team, yell for them, and cheer them.

Have you ever thought why do we use chants or cheers? Mostly, we do this to increase the participation of the spectators, boost the morale of our team, and give all the possible motivation to the team so that they can win.

Sometimes it is used in a negative sense. It is also used to demoralize the opposing team. If chants and cheers are timed appropriately, they can drive back the opposite team and motivate the home team to achieve victory.

Let us understand the distinction between cheers, chants, songs, and yell.

Example of Cheer, Chants and Yells
Example of Cheer, Chants and Yells


A chant is usually two or four lines thatare repeated over and over again. It is a quick slogan that makes a point. These are very easy to make, and it focuses on either the defensive moves are the offensive moves. Examples of chants are –

  • Knock them down.
  • Mary had a little lamb, but the Eagles got the basketball jam.

The best time to use a chant is when you are on the sidelines during plays, take the ball back,make a goal, or during short timeouts, quick breaks, etc.


Cheers are longer than the chants. These are used as fillers before the game starts or in halftime or the quarter breaks. The movements and the words used in the cheers are more complicated. An example of the cheers is-

  • It’s time to fight. It’s time to yell.
  • Boom, Dynamo, Ba baba
  • Boom, Dynamo, hold up, wait a minute
  • Let’s put some spirit into it!

There are some ready-made cheers. You can twist them to make them your own.

3. Songs

Songs are quite different from cheers and chants. The songs are created so that the crowd can also sing along. It is used to rev the crowd up. Examples of songs-

  • We will Rock you
  • We don’t know, but we have been told. The Eagles team is my keyboard might bold.

4. Yells

Yell mean to cry out loudly, shriek, or scream. It is a sort of rhythmic cheer. It is given in unison. Mostly, school students, college students, football team members, etc. use this type of cheering. Examples of Yell –

1. Let’s go! Let’s go! L-E-T-S-G-O (repeated three times)

2.  1,2,3,4 Who are you yelling for?

  • H S, Oh yes!
  • Louder now, let’s hear it for H S, The best!

Great Cheers and Chants for Cheerleaders

Here, I am discussing just a few famous and common cheers and chants used by cheerleaders across the world.

By Jax

  • we are fired up
  • We are sizzling
  • We are turning up the heat
  • Can you sister Spencer Raiders bracket your team name clap clapclap
  • Can’t be beat –

By Arie

  • Fans (point to them)
  • Go crazy (toss your head around)
  • Get up, get up, be loud (clap clap)
  • Get up, get up, be loud! (clap, clap)
  • (repeat as many times as you want)

By Holly

  • We’ve got the rhythm,
  • Our fans got the beat,
  • So, come on *your team’s name*
  • Let’s Defeat!

By Erica

  • 4. 1, 2, 3, 4, Who’s the one that makes the score
  • 5, 6, 7, 8, Blue, Blue
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, Blues the team that makes the score
  • 5, 6, 7, 8, C’mon Blue, you’re doing great!
  • Gooo Blue!

By Victoria

  • Yell for the (name of your team)
  • We can’t be beat
  • So watch out (your opponent)
  • We’ll knock you off your feet!

By Jordan

  • You might be good at basketball
  • You might be good at track,
  • but when it comes to football
  • You might as well step back
  • you might as well step back!
  • Repeat


  • Hey, hey are ya ready? Are ya ready?
  • To strut your stuff (PAUSE)
  • Hey, hey are ya ready? Are yaReady?
  • To get fired up

The ________ are dynamite, Don’t mess with dynamite!
Cause if you mess with dynamite it goes
Tick, tick, tick, tick,
Boom dynamite!
Boom, boom dynamite!


If you wanna win you gotta yell with all your might

  • You say go, we say fight
  • Go
  • Fight
  • Go
  • Fight
  • Go go
  • Fight fight
  • Go fight!

By CheerChick4

  • Are you ready to get started…Yes we are!
  • Are you ready to get started…Yes we are!
  •  I say now, S, S-T ,S-T-A-R-T Let’s Start!
  • S, S-T, S-T-A-R-T Let’s Start! !


The time has come to put you to the test,

  •  Hine Panthers, the best of the best.
  •  No doubt about it (clap) we’ve got what it takes
  • Not third or second,
  •  But first place!

By BABE00142

  • Be aggressive
  • B-e agressive
  • B-e a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e
  • Aggressive
  • B-e agressive!
  • clap clap!