Best Data Plans of BSNL Vs Reliance Proves More Affordable


Find the real time true valued BSNL Vs Reliance Jio Data Plans available in the present market, choose the best value unlimited prepaid recharge pack from your operator as per your requirement to avail the combo benefits like Free Voice Calls, Mobile Data and SMS…

In the realm of telecom industry, we know that PAN India telecom Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited introduced the best data plans in the market compared to Reliance Jio who is trying their best right now to make sure the conflict of lockdown does not feeble their everyday plans that their subscribers take.

Here in the same pursuit, both the telecom giants are known for introducing plans that vary from each making the other obsolete but at the end the price and the plan will differ with budget is what matters and in this article we are going to discuss how tough the competition is between these giants, and how the combo data plans of BSNL are more attractive than JIO, Let’s check

How is Lockdown affecting BSNL Vs Reliance Jio Data Plans

As we all know that the lockdown has become an important thing now as many prepaid users cannot complete their recharges on time due to the unavailability of the local services, At the same time, to ensure that the BSNL SIM cards do not get blocked due to outgoing service and prepaid balance ending, BSNL has released a free time frame till April 20, 2020 and also by adding Rs. 10 everyday outgoing balance till the same time.

Best Data Plans of BSNL Vs Reliance
Best Data Plans of BSNL Vs Reliance

In the same context, the other industry giant, Reliance Jio which recently increased their prices despite the free solitude of the Data and balance is struggling to find high numbers during this time and which is why they have come up with new plans that current Jio subscribers both prepaid and postpaid plan wise will like to use. So let’s have a look at the plans of each

BSNL Vs Jio Prepaid Plans as on 06.04.2020

BSNL PriceBSNL Validity in DaysData Per dayJio Pack PriceJio Validity in Days

Work from Home Tariffs for Reliance Jio & BSNL

Jio: One of the confusing being, the lock down can be resolute and may extend depending on the situation and in order to help their subscribers, Reliance Jio has released two plans which are Rs. 251 and Rs. 101 which gives 2GB 4G and 12GB 4G data respectively, and these two plans are offered for a period of 51 days which is really a huge deep dive from the previous prices but something reliance Jio is offering right now to ensure that their subscribers are satisfied with their service.

BSNL: On the other hand you can see that BSNL not only gave free talk time of RS. 10 till April 20, 2020 along with SIM validity for the prepaid users, but they also released another plan Rs. 247 which is being implemented as we speak but has been released in Chennai and Tamilnadu where users will be provided with 3GB data and unlimited calling for a period of 30 days only – Find BSNL Work from Home Free Internet with Daily 5GB

  1. Are BSNL work from home plans vs Jio is available?

    As you can see from the above details, both of the telecom giants have released different sets of work from home plans and you have to evaluate the plan you like based on your current SIM provider, and It is because with all offline services being closed you cannot even migrate your SIM from one career service provider to another for the benefits of the plans.

  2. Will Reliance Jio & BSNL work from home available for prepaid users?

    These plans are only for prepaid users and some are for postpaid as well in Jio Network, but BSNL provides only for Broadband users, so you have to cross that same from the plan and see which type of subscriber can avail the offer.

  3. How to make payment for prepaid SIM on Reliance Jio or BSNL?

    Even though both the telecom giants are offering different offers but when it comes to the prepaid users. It is important the both of them are asking their subscribers to use an online method of recharge.

Conclusion: In the above comparison chart, it is proved that BSNL data plans are the true valued best data recharges when compared to Jio recharge plans, because under 1.5GB/data and 3GB/day packs are really worthful from BSNL, So please choose the reliable one before subscription.

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