Chhattisgarh BSNL Mobile Plans (Prepaid / Postpaid)

Customized unlimited mobile plans of BSNL 4G GSM mobile services are updated in Chhattisgarh telecom circle, Compare monthly, quarterly, 6month and Yearly plans and select the amazing tariff for your voice and data requirements to connect India with unlimited…

BSNL is a major part of Chhattisgarh’s telecommunication service and user base as well, Being a government owned entity the prices for different plans are reasonable which paves a way for every Chhattisgarh citizen to buy different tariff plans and recharge on their respective BSNL SIM cards.

Chhattisgarh BSNL Mobile Plans
Chhattisgarh BSNL Mobile Plans

BSNL Chhattisgarh Recharge Plans (April 2024)

Recharge Plan FRC In
Freebies Usage Available Validity
Per Minute Plan 107 Free 200Mins Voice Calls + 3GB free data to be consumed within 100days + Free BSNL Tunes for 35 days. Extension of Plan is through Plan voucher 35 Days
FRC 108 108 Unlimited Local/STD/roaming calls +Unlimited DATA with speed reduced to 40 Kbps after 1GB/Day 28 Days
Plan Voucher 153 153 Unlimited Calls Includs Mumbai & Delhi + 1GB Per Day + 100 SMS/day + Unlimited Song Change Option For 26 Days 26 Days
PV 197 197 Unlimited voice any net Local/STD/Roaming including MTNL network + 2GB/day + 100 SMS/day (Freebies for 15 days only) 70 Days
Plan Voucher 199 199 Free Unlimited Calls + 2GB/day High Speed Data then 40 Kbps + 100 SMS/day 30 Days
PV 201 201 PV for GP-II and beyond GP-II customers only. Free voice 300 min.6GB data.99 SMS 90 Days
PV 229(Recharge on same date every month)229Unlimited Voice Calls+ 2GB/day + 100SMS/Day + Arena Mobile Gaming30 Days
FRC 249 249 Unlimited Local/STD/roaming calls + Unlimited DATA with speed reduced to 40 Kbps after 2GB/Day + 100SMS/day 45 Days
Plan 397 397 Local/Std Voice Calls (U/L) in Home LSA + 2GB data/day + 100 SMS/day + Lokdhun Content (30 Days) + Free Caller Tunes (30 Days) + Freebies 30 Days Only 150 Days
Plan voucher 666 666 Free Any Network Unlimited Voice Calls + 2GB data/day + 100 SMS/Day + PRBT + ZING + Hardy + Astrotell Gaming 105 Days
Plan 699 699 Unlimited Local/STD/roaming calls + 0.5GB data/day + 100SMS/day 130 Days
SPL Annual PV 797797U/L Free Voice calls and 2GB/Day, free 100SMS/Day (Freebies 60 days only)300 Days
Plan Voucher 997 997 U/L Voice calls + 3GB High Speed Data then 40 Kbps + 100 SMS/Day + Lokdhun Content (60 Days) + Free Caller Tunes for 2 Months 160 Days
Plan Voucher 999 999 Free Unlimited Voice Calls Includs Mumbai & Delhi + Unlimited Song Change Option for 60 days 200 Days
Plan 11981198Unlimited voice calls + 3GB/Month + 30 SMS/Month365 Days
PV 1199 (For Inactive GPII Customers)1199 : This Plan is applicable for Inactive customers(GP-II and beyond GP-II customers)only. Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming calls incl. customers Mumbai and Delhi + 24GB + 100 SMS/day336 Days
Plan 1499 1499 Unlimited local/std voice calls + 24GB + 100SMS/day 336 Days
Plan Voucher 1999 1999 Unlimited Free Voice Calls (Home LSA & National Roaming) + 600GB data + 100 SMS/day + Free Tunes With Song Change Option (30 Days) + Eros NOW Entertainment Service (2 Months) + Lokdhun Content (1 Year) 365 Days
Plan Voucher 2399 2399 Free Unlimited Voice Call Ongoing Incoming and Outgoing Including Network Roaming area Of Delhi and Mumbai +100SMS/Day +2GB/day + PRBT for 30 days 395 Days
PV 29992999Unlimited Voice Calls + 3GB/Day + 100SMS/day395 Days

While BSNL is also working to provide cash backs and offers in Chhattisgarh when the recharges are done via the BSNL online recharge portal or with My BSNL App through which you can avail the same offers, and the new changes in effect will bring more customized and user-friendly mobile plans that will include a lot of Data for web browsing, SMS, Calling and the international calling.

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