BSNL Bihar Mobile Prepaid Recharge Plans Updated

BSNL Bihar circle has been thriving hard for years to make sure every GSM mobile user in the state to provide with best 4G Prepaid & Postpaid plans all the time, Check the latest unlimited 4G plans at lowest budget to save more for unlimited calls and internet facilities…

In this article you will check more about the recently launched and effective unlimited offers released by BSNL for Bihar state, and the plans which are discussed below comprises for prepaid services and postpaid are different in nature, and the BSNL brand has emphasized more on the Monthly and quarterly packages which yield more benefits when compared to the smaller plans in terms of cost and benefits as well.

bsnl bihar mobile plans
BSNL Bihar Mobile Plans

BSNL Bihar Validity Recharge Plans (Feb 2024)

FRC in RsFreebies to be OfferedValidity
Premium per Minute PV107107
200 minutes free voice any-net in home + 3GB free data + BSNL Free Tune for 35 days
35 Days
FRC 108108Unlimited voice calls + 1GB/Day Data28 Days
Plan Voucher 153153Free Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB /Day High Speed Data then 40Kbps + 100SMS/day + Free Caller Tunes for 26 Days26 Days
Plan Voucher 197197Unlimited Calls (Excluding Mumbai & Delhi) + 2GB Per day + 100SMS/day + Zing(15days).All freebies valid for first 15 days only70 Days
PV 199199Free unlimited Voice Calls + 2GB/day + 100SMS/day for 30days30 Days
PV 201201PV for GP-II and beyond GP-II customers only. Free voice 300 min.6GB data.99 SMS. All other terms and conditions as per plan 107.Freebies will be applicable for whole validity period60 Days
Plan 229 (Recharge on same date every month)229Unlimited Local/STD/roaming calls + Unlimited DATA with speed reduced to 40 Kbps after 2GB/Day + 100SMS/day + Arena mobile gaming30
FRC 249 (for new customer)249Unlimited Local/STD/roaming calls + Unlimited DATA with speed reduced to 40 Kbps after 2GB/Day + 100SMS/day45 Days
Plan Voucher 397397Local/Std Unlimited Voice Calls in Home LSA + 2GB/day + 100SMS/day + Lokdhun Content (30 Days) + Free Tunes With Song Change Option150 Days
Plan 666666Any Network Unlimited Voice Calls +2GB/day High Speed Data then 40Kbps + 100 SMS/Day + PRBT + ZING + Hardy Mobile game105 Days
Plan 699699Unlimited calls + 0.5GB/day + 100SMS/day + free tunes for 60 days130 Days
SPL ANNUAL PV 797797U/L Voice calls and 2GB/Day,free 100SMS/Day (Freebies for 60 days)300 Days
Plan 997997Unlimited Calls including Mumbai & Delhi + 2GB data/day + 100SMS/day + Lokdhun Content (180 Days) + Free BSNL Caller Tunes for 2 months160 Days
Plan 999999Unlimited (Any Network Voice Calls ) + Unlimited Song Change Option for 2 Months200 Days
Plan 11981198300 Min Voice Calls + 3GB/Month data + 30SMS/Month365 days
PV_1199 (For Inactive GPII Customers)1199This Plan is applicable for Inactive customers(GP-II and beyond GP-II customers)only. Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming calls incl. customers Mumbai and Delhi + 24GB + 100 SMS/day336 Days
Plan 14991499Unlimited Voice Calls + 24 GB data + 100SMS/Day336 Days
Plan Voucher 19991999Free Unlimited (local/Std/National Roaming Voice Calls) + 600GB High Speed Data then 40Kbps + 100SMS/day + EROS NOW Entertainment Service + Free Tunes With Song Change Option for 30 days365Days
Plan 23992399Unlimited calls + 2GB/day + 100SMS/day + Free EROS Now entertainment services.395 Days
PV 29992999Unlimited Voice Calls + 3GB/day + 100SMS/day395 Days

Other than prepaid recharge services of BSNL Bihar circle, check the postpaid plans and offers of BSNL mobile to get a new service or for up gradation – visit the new offers

The said BSNL Bihar prepaid mobile offers and plans are not just available with online recharge but you can avail these through retailer at different recharge vendors across the state of Bihar. So, that once you come up with a preferred plan with any of the above, you can either purchase it via online or with any retailer / franchisee.