Port Jio SIM to BSNL 4G Mobile Unlimited Offers (Cheapest*)

How to port Jio mobile number into BSNL 4G SIM network, what are the best monthly, 6 month and yearly MNP offers for Reliance Jio Port Out customer into BSNL, How to know the status of mobile number portability…

Now you may know that, Reliance Jio has raised their prepaid tariffs on all their recharge packs upto 40% from December 2019, then why you have to bear that extra charges even having national telecom mobile network and Government’s BSNL with best 3G / 4G network recharge availability, Let’s have a look at all the facilities you have for PORT IN to BSNL and migrate immediately

Porting SMS PORT <JIO Mobile Number>
MNP SMS send to 1900
Applicable for All Prepaid / Postpaid Customers in India
PORT In Time Minimum 3 days & Max 7-10 days after submitting request
Port Out Time After 90 Days (from the date of activation in BSNL network)
Jio to BSNL Port Status Can Check at Customer Care or at nearest CSC
Special Recharge All Existing 4G Recharges are applicable

Available BSNL Mobile Services to JIO mobile customer on PORTING

So just send the above or below mentioned PORT IN Code to 1900 through SMS, then you’ll get a MOBILE NUMBER PORTING CODE on your mobile number within seconds/minutes as a reply SMS from JIO network.

PORT <JIO Mobile Number>

After getting the mobile number porting code from JIO network, just approach nearest CSC or Authorized retailer of BSNL along with your Proof of Identity (POI) & Proof of Address(POA) to process the porting into BSNL

  1. Can i continue JIO Pay app after Porting to BSNL

    Please unlink all JIO pay services before MNP to BSNL, because all will deactivated automatically after porting.

  2. Can I use JIO available coupons after Porting

    No, all the balance coupons are not allowed to redeem on porting.

  3. What to do if already deducted the auto pay balance even after porting?

    Just unlink all before MNP, if deducted, just approach nearest JIO store or customer care and complaint the issue.

  4. Can i enjoy Jio movies after Porting to BSNL

    No, Jio Movie will discontinue after MNP to BSNL.

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33 thoughts on “Port Jio SIM to BSNL 4G Mobile Unlimited Offers (Cheapest*)”

  1. My name is md perwez alam. My jio sim number is 7070975177 please this number port to bsnl sim..

  2. Hello, two days back I port my number jio to BSNL just I want to know new SIM card i want to get online it’s possible? Please reply

  3. Main jio ka number Bsnl mein porte karne ko ratelor se 17-03-2022 ko karvaya tha abhi Tak jio hi chalta hai BSNL panch din ke baad vi BSNL ka network nhi aaiya hai


    Jio to BSNL different plans please provide

    365 days incoming ok

    Outgoing Calls Charges and data Plans please

  5. क्या जिओ से bsnl में पोर्ट करवाने पर current jio prepaid plan bsnl पर active रहेगा या दोबारा recharge करना पड़ेगा

  6. BSNL does not have any business plan to attract people using other networks, Even if they have, they are too lazy to execute that – as no one in BSNL willing to work, because they know even if they do not work, they will receive their salaries.
    In this situation, BSNL should have reached every home with mobile portability options and readymade SIM delivery at home – but no, they will just sit back and let other companies take away all the businesses. I don’t know if the top management of BSNL already have some under-table agreement with other non-government Telecom companies to drown BSNL from inside, or not.

  7. before 8 months, i port from BSNL to Jio, now, i want to port again the old network i.e. BSNL, Is it possible to port from Jio to BSNL again?

  8. ਪੋਰਟ ਦੇ ਮੇਸਜ ਤੋ ਬਾਦ mnp ਨਹੀ ਆ िਰਹਾ ਮੇੇੈ, ਜੀੳ ਤੋ bsnlिਵਚ ਜਾਣਾ ਚਾਹੁਦਾ ਹਾ

  9. Hi

    I want to port from Jio to BSNL, but I don’t want 4G SIM, I just want a normal SIM for an ordinary keypad non smart phone. And also what happens to my balance which is present in Jio, I am a prepaid customer and I have one year data and calls/messages for JIO. Please provide the customer care number.

    • You will get 4G BSNL sim card but it supports both 2G and 4G for all feature phone and Jio balance will be expires. Best Recharge for BSNL is 365, Incoming 365days, out going 56days with daily data and calling plan

  10. मुझे मेरी जिओ की सिम को बीएसएनल में चेंज करवाना है.

  11. I’m using BSNL since 3yrs but it is only in 3G what can I do for 4G? Do I need to buy a new sim? My circle is Tamil nadu

  12. Hello I am a student and I want to Port my Jio no to BSNL in Punjab i just want to know the plans for new users


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