Virtual Router Setup on Laptop with New Installation Process

What is Virtual Router, how to make or setup the same on your windows 10 laptop, Is there any software required for MAC or Windows laptop to configure as a best virtual router, Check the requirements and installation steps… Virtual Router Router is an important source of turning your DATA LAN connection to WiFi, and

Mac Address on iPhone – How to Find Instantly

Do you have an iPhone device or any other Apple device that you generally use, If yes, then you must know hot to find Mac Address on iPhone which should be happy that iOS 11 allows all customers to check their MAC Address which is a type of WiFi Address code. Mac Address on iPhone

What is DNS and How DNS Port Work

What is DNS DNS Port which is abbreviated as Domain Name System is used to configure and sync the Domain name from a Domain service provide to an IP Address of a hosting. In order for a website to be hosted on the Internet and to function smoothly, there should be fixed DNS and it

Fiber Optic Internet Technology and DSL Vs FTTH Service

The Internet connection via a Fiber Optic cable is called the Fiber Optic Internet connection and you will be able to connect these cables to your modems, routers, laptops, and computers the same way you did for the traditional DSL connection as well. Fiber Optic Internet The major change here is the Speed of the