BSNL Online Bill Payment Successful but not Updated in CDR billing account and disconnected, What to do?

When we know the successful online bill payment of BSNL not updated in CDR billing account, how to rectify the error in online or offline, where we have to send/submit the paid bill receipt details for reconnection of BSNL postpaid service?

In some situations, BSNL online bill payment relate to postpaid service (Landline, Bharat Fiber, Mobile) successfully completed with in due date or after the date, but again shows as outstanding bill in BSNL portal or any third payments platform and also it didn’t credit / updated into the particular customer CDR billing account, resulting to disconnection of Postpaid Landline/ Bharat Fiber (FTTH) / Mobile. In that situation we have to check the bill paid platform and the generated receipt for successful transaction or failed.

Various BSNL Bill Payment Platforms

If the transaction completed successfully in any platform but not updated means, You may just approach concerned area BSNL customer service center and submit your successful completed payment details to the commercial officer.

Immediately, the authorized BSNL commercial officer may raise an unbarring request with payment details in their database for failed transaction, thereafter Account Officer will update the details in customer CDR billing account resulting reconnection, but the situation raised rarely.

So customers, just approach nearest Customer Service Center and lodge a BSNL complaint on online payment not updated case and get your reconnection immediately for your service.

  1. When this online payment not updated case occurs?

    In most of the cases, when the customer paid the bill through third party applications or UPI payments after the DUE DATE of the bill, this problem may occurs, so try to make the payment through BSNL APP / online portal after pay by date.

  2. What are the details of successful payment to be submitted for updation?

    Successful Transaction Receipt number, Paid date, Paid amount and Telephone Number (Mobile/Landline / Broadband) of the service has to be submitted for immediate re connection.

  3. Can we get BSNL failed transaction refund (shows payment successful)?

    The status of the portal shows success means, you will not get any refund, but it is to be cleared and posted in your CDR billing account on complaint.

  4. Can we submit the re connection request online with successful payment details?

    At present, there is no online portal to submit unbarring request for Landline/ Broadband/ Bharat Fiber / Mobile service reconnection, so, it is better to approach concerned commercial officer and submit the online payment details which are not updated in BSNL CDR billing account for immediate reconnection.

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26 thoughts on “BSNL Online Bill Payment Successful but not Updated in CDR billing account and disconnected, What to do?”

  1. payment of ₹864 from your State Bank Of India account XX 2966 to Paytm Landline or Broadband Payment on 03-02-2022 was successful with UPI reference number 203xx6842
    Landline no. 1026765045
    But not updated in CDR billing

  2. 17/9/2021 945 rupye pytm debit UID NO. 126092845591 FIBER FTTH saloni developers no.02942490388 a/c bill payment not deposit Please help me

  3. I made my bsnl bill payment on 21/10 but my transaction failed and the amount was debited from my account. It is more than 10 days now and I haven’t got the refund even after 10 days

    Account No/Unique ID:  9039413326

    Complaint Category: After Payment

    Problem Type : Account Debited from Debit Card, But not updated to the system and neither got the refund even after 10 days

  4. I have deposited BSNL postpaid mobile no 9436581095 on dated 3.6.2021 by third party online portal transaction show successfully and amount is debited to my Bank, but No outgoing calls still today outstanding bill amount 564 show

  5. On bill usage 08-04-2021(Landline Number 01363-240552 and 01363-240605) Online Bill Payment Successful but not Updated in trandaction receipt and not received receipt in My BSNL App. pls check

  6. On 13/01/21 I have recharged my prepaid Mobile No 9442689006 for Rs: 319/- and my SBI transaction reference number is VSBI9653758919IGAKGMJNM8 but No balance received in mobile.

  7. the costumer care service of bsnl is not working, how can I approach to them, I paid via ptm it was successful but didn’t get the internet service that I needed
    plz replly

  8. Dear sir
    today i paid landline (bulk) payment through bsnl portal for Rs 5093, Transactions status is showing pending for one hour Transaction ID is EGF21092053392. Please let us know when it will get cleared

  9. i m a user of FTTH service, i made payment through local cable operator after due date when call to costumer care for active my account they said it will take 24 hrs, okay then I asked is the payment received ? yes! but it will take 24 hrs
    I don’t use any third-party app for payment, payment was received that showing on my account but they saying ” it will take 24hrs.” they are playing game? #Digital India.

  10. On  bill usage 01-06-2020 to 01-07-2020 (Landline Number 080-23121145) Online Bill Payment Successful but not Updated in CDR billing and not received receipt in My BSNL App.  pls check  

    Invoice No       –   SDCKA0029340534 

    Transactions  I D   –  FCDR1308200088194
    Transactions  Date  & Time   –   2020-08-13 12:21:44.0 
    Phone Number   –  080 – 23121145
    Bill amount   –  705 
    Status  show pending  

  11. On 22/04/20 I have recharged my Postpaid Mobile No 9424788303 for Rs: 548/- and received
    PSGM 220420028181 but No balance received in mobile.


    • As a user of BSNL FTTH Bharat Fibre, I have been regularly billing monthly dues, while the ACCOUNT SECTION of BSNL does not care to update my account and make me continue to use my remaining data from previous months untill it runs out completely. Now with non Updated data in my Account my speed has decrease as it is running as Post FUP.

  12. I have deposited BSNL postpaid mobile no 9414075715 on dated 12.5.2020 by third party online portal transaction show successfully and amount is debited to my Bank, but still today outstanding bill show.

  13. Service : Landline/ Broadband.
    Email ID :
    Contact Mobile No : 7218287218, 9922425149.
    Account No/Unique ID : 1019035401.
    Complaint Category : Before Payment.
    Problem Type : Unable to pay bill due to Invoice no mismatch Alert.

  14. I have recharged prepaid GSM no 9410191022 , uttarakhand dehradun by Rs 1999, on 01.05.2020 transection no.PGSM010520365830, the recharge shows successful but still not service activated.

  15. I have paid my of MARCH 2020 through Rajajinagar Post Office Bangalore, my receipt no inv SL00164302.11585552367 ACCOUNT NO;9034261701 Bill dated 05/03/2020, Amount Rs. 1260, Sir i am getting this bill again in the portal, please check and inform me.

  16. Not able to connect to the customer call center, two numbers given will ring but no one picks the call, another one always busy, Getting very bad experience in afternoon, not sure they would have diverted the traffic.

  17. I have paid February month bill of my internet connection though google pay and on feb 4th still it’s showing as pending amount in portal, And I have paid through BSNL Epay still the same issue, Please help, I have paid twice and still not reflecting my payments.

  18. I have paid the FTTH bill using BSNL epay app using UPI mode, payment got deducted and got success e-mail from razorpay payment gateway also, But BSNL epay has not updated it and receipt also not generated on BSNL epay app and portal is still showing as pending bill.
    Last month also it was not updated when I paid through Paytm, So this month I paid through BSNL app but still same problem, So should we stop using online method for BSNL bill payment?

  19. Landline Number 04024243034) Online Bill Payment Successful but not Updated in CDR billing and not received receipt in self care portal pls check.

  20. On October”19 bill usage 01-09-2019 To 30-09-19( Landline Number 03322421603) Online Bill payment successful but not updated received, Pls Check.

  21. On july 2019 bill usage 01-06-2019 to 30-06-2019 (Landline Number 0497 2786822) Online Bill Payment Successful but not Updated in CDR billing and not received receipt in self care portal pls check.


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