BSNL Online Bill Payment Successful but not Updated in CDR billing account and disconnected, What to do?


When we know the successful online bill payment of BSNL not updated in CDR billing account, how to rectify the error in online or offline, where we have to send/submit the paid bill receipt details for reconnection of BSNL postpaid service?

In some situations, BSNL online bill payment relate to postpaid service (Landline, Bharat Fiber, Mobile) successfully completed with in due date or after the date, but again shows as outstanding bill in BSNL portal or any third payments platform and also it didn’t credit / updated into the particular customer CDR billing account, resulting to disconnection of Postpaid Landline/ Bharat Fiber (FTTH) / Mobile. In that situation we have to check the bill paid platform and the generated receipt for successful transaction or failed.

Bill Payment not Updated
Bill Payment not Updated

Various BSNL Bill Payment Platforms

If the transaction completed successfully in any platform but not updated means, You may just approach concerned area BSNL customer service center and submit your successful completed payment details to the commercial officer.

Immediately, the authorized BSNL commercial officer may raise an unbarring request with payment details in their database for failed transaction, thereafter Account Officer will update the details in customer CDR billing account resulting reconnection, but the situation raised rarely.

So customers, just approach nearest Customer Service Center and lodge a BSNL complaint on online payment not updated case and get your reconnection immediately for your service.

When this online payment not updated case occurs?

In most of the cases, when the customer paid the bill through third party applications or UPI payments after the DUE DATE of the bill, this problem may occurs, so try to make the payment through BSNL APP / online portal after pay by date.

What are the details of successful payment to be submitted for updation?

Successful Transaction Receipt number, Paid date, Paid amount and Telephone Number (Mobile/Landline / Broadband) of the service has to be submitted for immediate re connection.

Can we get BSNL failed transaction refund (shows payment successful)?

The status of the portal shows success means, you will not get any refund, but it is to be cleared and posted in your CDR billing account on complaint.

Can we submit the re connection request online with successful payment details?

At present, there is no online portal to submit unbarring request for Landline/ Broadband/ Bharat Fiber / Mobile service reconnection, so, it is better to approach concerned commercial officer and submit the online payment details which are not updated in BSNL CDR billing account for immediate reconnection.

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