BSNL OBD (Out Bound Dialing) Tariff and Guidelines


What is BSNL OBD (Out Bound Dialing)

BSNL has launched new service called OBD service for its customers. This broadly include automated outbound dialing, in which a SIP Based BSNL NGN network automatically dials customer or client numbers, typically with a pre-recorded message for a marketing or awareness-raising campaign on behalf of Any Department/ Business.

Who Can Use Outbound Dialing

Any Department/ Business that needs to communicate regularly and en-masse with a large customer or client base can benefit from BSNL automated outbound dialing solutions.


Uses of Outbound Dialing Solutions

Here are a few potential use cases for outbound dialing

  • Technology manufacturer might use an outbound call center to inform a select list of customers about the launch of a new product.
  • Charity organization could run an automated outbound awareness-raising campaign to build support for an upcoming donation drive.
  • Health facility might use an outbound call center combined with a pre-recorded public service announcement to deliver vital health control information in the event of pandemic
  • With the right outbound dialing service, you can contact more people with fewer resources.

Benefits of BSNL OBD

  • No Setup or Infrastructure Needed.
  • BSNL automated calling system zero investment or setup involved to facilitate customer outreach.
  • One campaign up to 1 Lac calls is free as promotional offer. Subsequent campaign shall be paid campaign as per tariff.
  • Very low tariff.
  • Schedule Calls: Campaign managers can map their outreach program to schedule calls based on upcoming requirements and promotions.
  • BSNL is committed to provide best service to its Customers with High Accuracy, Transparent Billing and Reliable Service.
  • Announcement File: to be provided in .wav format.
  • List of Clients Numbers: list of numbers on which announcements are to be run must be in .csv format.
  • This list should not have any DND number.
  • Above files will be uploaded on OBD portal at least one day prior to the day in which call is to be made.

BSNL OBD Billing Tariff

Tariff for Commercial SIP Based OBD Services with Discounting Power by CGM upto 50%

ServiceDetails Pulse RateTariff exclusive of GST
NGN SIP based OBD Voice Call 30 SecondsRs. 1 / Min
IVRS Based Feedback Collection Service (Survey) Tariff
Voice Message Charges30 SecRs.1/Min
1 Question – Response ChargesRs.0.2

BSNL IVRS Service Provides for upto 5 Questions-Responses per IVRS Survey.

Guidelines for Commercial OBD Services


For this service from operator, an agreement signed with prospective customer. Signing authority may be a DGM and above level officer designated by the CGMT of the Circle.

  • Bank Guarantee/ Security Deposit – For New agreement calculated as 1.25 times of (duration of OBD call x number of estimated OBD calls in a month), with an assumption that all estimated calls are off-net calls.
  • Bank Guarantee/ Security Deposit taken from the customer requesting OBD services on regular basis.

Whom can Contact for BSNL OBD

The customer who requires BSNL OBD (Out Bound Calling) service may approach concerned Enterprise Business team in that Business Area or District. Also one can book the service at BSNL Enterprise Booking portal online using

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