BSNL Malappuram Broadband & Mobile plans with 32 CSC Details


Here is the new list of BSNL CSC available in Malappuram Business area of Kerala state ready to serve with affordable fiber broadband and 4G mobile plans on new technologies…

ParticularsBusiness Area Details
Business AreaBSNL Malappuram
Head QuartersMalappuram
Available ServicesLandline, Virtual Landline, DSL / FTTH Broadband, 3G / 4G Mobile, WINGS

BSNL Malappuram Telecom District Mobile Plans

The highest growth rate and subscribed prepaid and postpaid 4G mobile plans of BSNL are presented as below for Malappuram business area

Broadband Plans for Malappuram Business Area

BSNL Malappuram Telecom District Customer Service Centers & Contact Address / Telephone Numbers

Customer may contact any of the below mentioned CSC near to you for further inquiries and offline services during the working hours in all the days except BSNL Holidays mentioned

Station/AreaAddress of BSNL CSCContact Telephone Number
Down HillO/o GMT, BSNL, Konnola Tower, Down Hill, Malappuram – 6765190494 – 2734350
ManjeriO/o SDE Commercial, Old Co-axial building, NSS College PO, Manjeri0483 – 2766143
ParappanangadiTelephone Exchange building, Tanur road, Parappanangadi – 6763030494 – 2410600
NilamburO/o SDE Commercial, Pee Vees Archade, Nilambur04931 – 225000
TirurO/o SDE Commercial, Old Co-axial building, Vellathur Achutty and Ali Master Road, Tirur – 6761040494 – 2421310
PonnaniO/o SDE Commercial, Commercial Office building, Chandrappadi, Ponnani0494 – 2666075
PerinthalmannaO/o SDE CML, Telephone Exchange, Near post office Pattambi Road, Perinthalmanna – 67932204933 – 226700
KondottyC.S.C. Telephone Exchange building, Kondotty0483 – 2711400
MangalamCustomer Service Center, Tele Exchange, Mangalam0494 – 2566000
Tanalur Telephone Exchange, Customer Service Center, Tanalur – 6763070494 – 258000
MarancheryBSNL Tele Exchange, Maranchery0494 – 2670000
ChangaramkulamTelephone Exge, Changaramkulam0494 – 2650800
VengaraTele Exchange, Vengara – 6763040494 – 2451500
EdavannaparaTelephone Exge, Edavannapara – 6736450483 – 2725200
MankadaBSNL C.S.C, Telephone Exchange, Mankada 
TanurBSNL Telephone Exchange, Customer Service Center, Tanur 
TirurangadiTelephone Exchange, Tirurangadi –  6763060494 – 2463400
AreacodeBSNL Telephone Exchange, Areacode0483 – 2852000
WandoorCustomer service center, BSNL Tele Exchange, Wandoor04931 – 247000
KalpakancheriBSNL Telephone Exchange, Kalpakancheri – 6765510494 – 2546600
KadampuzhaBSNL Customer service center, Tele Exchange, Kadampuzha0494 – 2615200
MelatturTelephone Exge, Melattur, Malappuram04933 – 27790
KuttippuramTelephone Exchange, Kuttippuram0494 – 2607320
KottakkalCustomer Service Center, Tele Exchange, Kottakkal0483 – 2742700
ValancheryTele Exchange, Customer service center, Valanchery0494 – 2646000
PandikkadBSNL Customer service center, Telephone Exge, Pandikkad0483 – 2783299
ChelariTelephone Exchange, Chelari – 6736350494 – 2400500
ValluvambramBSNL Telephone Exchange, Valluvambram0483 – 2772500
EdavannaTelephone Exchange, Edavanna0483 – 2704000
EdakkaraBSNL Telephone Exchange, Edakkara – 67933104931 – 275300
EdappalTelephone Exchange, Edappal – 6795760494 – 2682200
PulikkalTelephone Exchange, Pulikkal – 6736370483 – 2790000

Users of Malappuram Business area of Kerala state may contact the following PAN India customer care for various services

The customers of villages / towns under the following Taluks in BSNL Malappuram Business area may approach the nearest customer service center as mentioned above for complete telecom services on 4G Mobile Plans, Landline, Broadband Plans and Enterprise services

Taluks in Malappuram District are

  • Nilambur, Manjeri (Eranad), Kondotty, Perinthalmanna, Ponnani, Tirur, Tirurangadi

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