BSNL Employee Designation Wise New Responsibilities for Business, Marketing and Revenue Collection


Find the new responsibilities fixed on BSNL employee in each designation at different levels of executive and non executive cadre, for retention of existing Business, Marketing and Revenue Collection activities.

BSNL adopting different ways and means of marketing activities large number of skilled staff (executives and non executives) which can be utilised to give a better fight and to increase market share in Enterprise Business, CFA (Landline, Broadband, Bharat Fiber) and even in mobile segments.

For this aspect Market share and remittance are the two important issues which are required to be focussed with the help of existing staff and it can be done very well, so that apart from regular duties and responsibilities, BSNL entrust few important new responsibilities in true spirit for retention of existing Business, Marketing and Revenue Collection activities.

BSNL Employee
BSNL Employee

Let’s check the new responsibilities fixed on each BSNL Employee Designation


Works : NOFN Works, Expenditure reduction & Revenue earning, Network availability of Consumer Mobility, CFA, and Enterprise Business.

Target : Network availability, Network optimization, NOFN commissioning, NOFN Fibre, O&M and utilization as per target conveyed, and Review of contract demand rationalization for all electricity connections. These items must be reviewed by SSA Head daily and focussed attention be paid for utilization of NOFN Fibre. MTIR & Performance Management System be reviewed, and CFA Network optimization for low revenue earning exchanges and review of power plant batteries and other electrical infrastructure items.

IFA to SSA Heads

Works : Daily remittance, Project Aishwarya in SSA

Target : As per target fixed by Circle Office and Targets for collection of outstanding dues might have already conveyed by circle office, But now I propose minimum Rs.50,000 (Fifty thousand only) per day from major SSAs headed by GM/PGM and min. Rs.30,000/ per day from minor SSAs headed by TDMs/Dy GM excluding EB Revenue.


Works : Retention of existing Landline/ Broadband, FTIH Customers, Fault Clearance per day, per week and beyond.

Target : Performance Management System must be strictly monitored in the division to ensure targets of MTTR and gross connection for all sub divisions and 90% retention of existing LL/BB/FTIH comes under ICB cases.

Sub Division Headed by SDO/JTO

Works: Demand generation for CFA/CM and provisioning of new connections

Target: 1 Landline, 1 Broadband, 1 FTTH connection per day or as per target given by Circle. On average, minimum of 10 LL/BB/(Combo) connections and 10 FTTH connections, and must be provided by major SSAs headed by GMs/PGMs and 5 LL/BB Combo and Min 5 FTTH connections be provided by minor SSAs on daily basis. Demand generation of CFA/CM in second half of the day.

SOE (Internal)/ PTO (Internal)

Works: NIL CDR cases

Target : Must be pursued to achieve NIL cases under Nil CDR. It is observed that more than 50% Nil CDR cases are due to no. faulty for so many days. The concerned internal exchange incharge must ensure that all individuals under Nil CDR are dialed and tested but if found faulty, must be informed in writing to external incharge for the likely loss of revenue due to disconnection of these numbers as no services are being used by subscribers, and Copy should be given to SSA head also for taking necessary action.

Telecom Technician (Phone Mechanic)

Works: Maintenance of LL, BB/ installation of new connections and support for Project Aishwarva.

Target: Targeted MTIR shall be achieved as already prescribed for each circle and five new connections in a month in each Line Man/ Phone Mechanic section, The concerned field staff is also expected to be utilized for door to door collection and must support collection team.

SDE / JTO-CSC In-charge

Works : Retailer visit on Tuesday and Friday along with marketing activity

Target : Min. sim sale of 500 per month and LL/BB, FTIH-100 conn. per month, 100% Retailer visit in three months time and 10% POS increase in every month. Any other instructions time to time given by Circle Office/ SSA Office for demand generation and Sale of BSNL product, and Every retailer in the jurisdiction of CSC must be mapped with CSC location and a whatsapp group be created with CSC incharge and retailers, SDE(Mktg) of SSA should also be included.


Works : TR related works

Target: Depending upon manpower available, 4-5 TRA team be nominated may be with one member or more in each SSA and the team must visit door to door to collect outstanding dues.

One team must visit minimum 10 Subscribers, Houses with corrected bills and manual receipt book in second half of the day, and Minimum 300 notices/legal notices should also be sent in a month. Notices for Telephone Adalat must be delivered by field staff and for Lok Adalat, through courier or departmental vehicle.

To arrange minimum 4 Telephone Adalats, 1 Lok Adalat in a month and 90% retention of OGB cases, and Telephone Adalat will be organized in different exchanges of SSA and prior notice must be given to subscribers through our own field staff Targets of Project Aishwarya conveyed by the SSA/ Circle must be achieved.

Here also TRA Officer must ensure 90% OGB Nos. are restored and if after dialing and reminding continuously, no reply/busy tones are found and concluded that the numbers are faulty, inform the concerned external SOE/DE and if again no response, written information be given quoting amount (No. of subscriber x FMC) likely to lose per

SDE(Trans) / NOFN

Works: Transmission related works

Target : Average MTIR must be less than four hours and individual transmission fault must not increase beyond 8 (eight) hours


Works : Marketing Related Job

Target: Arrange minimum 20 camps per day in major SSS headed by PGM but GM and minimum 10 camps in minor SSS headed by TDM each camp target is 25 SIMS, 5 landlines and 5 Broadbands, 3 FTTH connections in case OLT is available, 10 or more MNP connections.

Must report directly to SSA head and should have database follow revenue BTS potential location and necessary for camps, he has to ensure availability of poster word angular tariff charges all paper documents regarding CM for CFA products and umbrella for camps.

Depending on marketing condition tariff proposal should be given to Circle, and ensure monthly meeting with franchise along with their FOS and FOS must give their beat plan to cover all retailers in SSA, and Franchise must export sale of CFA products retailers and to fix up target.

DE / SDE / JTO (Enterprise Business) in SSA

Works: EB Marketing, Lead Generation, and 100% same day fault clearance for EB circuits.

Target: To retain our existing Enterprise Business

PGM/GM (EB) in circle office

Works: To retain existing business and generate new business under Phase I to Phase IV, Big Show rooms depending on staff available.

Target : EB Mela to be organised one day in each month and require sufficient business for month, and All EB officials in circle and few offices in SSC should be utilised to cover all EB consumers and visit to registered companies factories big showrooms colleges engineering Institutions and management institutions.

IFA to EB Vertical in Circle

Works: Outstanding Collection, Correction of Bills and to provide corrected bills for recovery to different team.

Target: Minimum 15 Team should be nominated company wise and daily visit for revenue collection till all the revenues collected.

GM (Mktg) in circle office

Works: Port In / Port Out and IN Revenue, and PO/PO has to be less than 0.5

Target: 25% increase in IN revenue as of last year, and propose different STV and FRC as per requirement of Circle to achieve the target.

PGM/GM(CFA) in circle office

Works: Outsourcing of FTTH, Convert higher BB plan into FTTH, wherever feasible.

Target : 50% of target assigned by circle office through outsourcing in each SSAs

BSNL Executive (Officer) Designations

Various executive cadre employee designations of BSNL named in Corporate office and in Field Units are mentioned below

In Field UnitsIn Corporate Headquarters
CEO (Chief Executive Officer) or CMD (Chief Managing Director)
Chief General Manager
Principal General Manager / General Manager
Deputy General Manager(DGM)
Asst General ManagerAsst General Manager (AGM)
Chief Accounts Officer (CAO)
Divisional Engineer (DE)
Executive Engineer (EE)
Senior Sub Divisional EngineerSr. Manager
Sr. Accounts Officer
Sub Divisional EngineerManager
Accounts Officer
Junior Telecom OfficerDeputy Manager
Junior Accounts Officer

BSNL Non Executive Employee Designation

The following are the Non Executive employee designation of BSNL for entire India, and these employees belongs to SSA cadre, posted with new responsibilities.

BSNL Non Executive Employee Designation
Junior Engineer(Telecom)
Office Superintendent(OS)
Asst Office Superintendent (AOS)
Senior Office Associate (SOA)
Office Associate (OA)
Telecom Technician (TT)
Telecom Assistant
Attendant – under NE1 to NE3 (Old designation as Ayah, Bearer, Beldar, Chowkidar, Cleaner, Duftary, Farash, Khallasi, Lady Chowkidar, Mali, Office Peon, Peon, Safaiwala, Shramik, Seeper, Washboy, Dish Cleaner, Waterman, Gateman)

BSNL Corporate Office fix the employee new responsibilities and instructed all their executives like DEs/ SDEs(External) and other field unit designation officers including JAOs / AOs / CAO’s must be fully familiar with the GBPS system and this must be used while visiting door to door for collection of outstanding dues in case of OGB subscribers and ICB subscribers.

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