Register EPF Grievance Online at using UAN / PPO


Now you can register EPF complaint online through EPFO i Grievance Management System (EPFiGMS), check status of registration number and solve your provident fund account problems (EPF passbook, balance, withdrawal, transfer) within resolve time without going to field office

EPFiGMS is an internet based grievance redressal system formed by the EPFO department at, and the UAN portal provides the provision to register the complaint anytime on the system 24/7.

Once the grievance is registered on the EPFiGMS portal, a unique number is allotted to the EPF account holder, where the unique number generated helps to track the status of the compliant any point after the registration, and every complaint logged on the system would be let under strict surveillance on a daily basis and the necessary manual supervision is done on regular basis.

EPF Grievance Online
EPF Grievance Online

How to register grievance in EPF i Grievance Management System

EPFO member must have UAN number to follow the process and also select the category of the complaint in order the register his complaint.

  1. Visit Employees Provident Fund Internet Grievance Management System
  2. click on the Register Grievance to register EPF complaints
  3. Select PF Member / EPF Pensioner / Employer / Others
  4. Enter Universal Account Number and Security Captcha code shown
  5. Click on Get Details Immediately your UAN details (UAN number, Full Name, Email address and Mobile number will be shown)
  6. Press Get OTP
  7. Enter received OTP and Click Submit
  8. Click OK for OTP verified successfully
  9. Enter your personal details (Gender, Address, PIN, Country, State, Alternate Contact number)
  10. Submit Security Code shown
  11. Select the exact EPF account number which shown in the list of PF numbers registered under your UAN, Immediately a pop up page will be opened to enter the additional details
  12. Select your EPF Grievance related to PF Office / Employer / EDLi / Pre Pension
  13. Select Grievance Category Under this the user needs to provide the category of the grievance (Withdrawal claim, Account Transfer, EPF Pension Payment etc..) , which would help bucket the grievance and prioritizing the request.
  14. Enter Grievance Description
  15. Upload supporting documents if available
    After completing the above steps, the applicant is required to upload the necessary supporting documents along with other details if any, and the applicant should upload the documents using the below path by following steps
    Click on browse, the individual could select the PDF file stored in a computer location
    Click Attach and upload the document
  16. Click Add and Click Submit on next page

Once the complaint is filed, EPF member will receive a registration number which should be noted properly to check the status of complaint in future or to move for further processing, and after keen verification of EPF authenticity by concerned EPFO authority, and the grievance lodged on EPFiGMS portal will be solved with in resolve time and informs your through SMS and email address.

How many times can i check my EPFiGMS complaint status?

There is no predefined limit to check the status of EPF complaint, until the docket is closed, you can check the status at EPFiGMS website.

Whether the complainant and subscriber are the same person to file in EPFiGMS?

With the correct details of EPF subscriber, anyone(Friend/Relative) may post a complaint, but after keen verification of all the details of EPF subscriber, the case will be resolved.

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