Vengeance Meaning and Alternate Words

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Check Vengeance meaning exactly in English and Hindi and also alternate words used in place of it in both Hindi and English…

Vengeance Meaning

Vengeance is a word that defines the revenge against others who have harmed you in English. In order to learn more about what is Vengeance meaning in Hindi you can read this article below.

Vengeance in EnglishVengeance in Hindi

Vengeance is frequently used across a lot of Bollywood movies. This is why you might have heard it a lot of times watching Bollywood movies. In Hindi it is written as प्रतिशोध.

Vengeance Meaning

Vengeance Meaning in Hindi

प्रतिशोध is the word of Vengeance in Hindi, while it can also be spelled in Hindi as pratishodh. The meaning of pratishodh in Hindi is that the act of taking revenge against others who have harmed you and made you filled with pratishodh.

There is also a second meaning of Vengeance in Hindi which is बदला which has the same meaning but just the word is different.

  1. What is meaning Vengeance In English?

    Vengeance meaning in English is payback i.e, paying back in revenge to others who have harmed you.

  2. what is exact meaning “I'm Vengeance” Meaning In Hindi?

    I’m Vengeance meaning in Hindi is Main Badla Hu or Main Pratishodh Hu.

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