How to Split Screen on Mac as per Apple New Support

If you have a Mac device then heads up because we are going to discuss how to split the screen on it today. Apple is well known for being one of the sleek design initiatives and bringing custom feel to all their devices, and MAC device is one of the most classiest products from Apple.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager to Make Virtual Connection

Remote Desktop Manager A client or a software that enables you to connect to another desktop or client virtually is called a remote desktop connection manager, and it simply makes a virtual connection between two desktop devices through which one client is able to make changes and virtually use the other desktop client directly and

Uninstall Skype for Business on Windows and MAC Device

Let’s do find the different methods and simplified process to uninstall Skype for Business on Windows platform and on MAC device completely along with associated files which occupy huge resources… Uninstall Skype for Business Skype for Business is a platform created by Microsoft, which is under the suit of Microsoft Office 365, and Skype for

How to Add Signature in Outlook for MAC, Windows or Web

Just find the simple steps involved about how to add signature in Outlook for MAC or Windows devices and through Web login… Email Signature is important if you’re in a business and as well it gives the receiver an impression about your good being. The Signature is all about giving your quick introduction to the

Wifi Analyzer Windows to Analyze WiFi Network Quality

Wifi Analyzer WiFi Analyzer is a tool designed by Windows which is now released for all devices that have the Microsoft store access and through this tool you will be able to analyze your WiFi and diagnose all the issues related to it in quick time. Most of the times you might face issues where