Phone goes Straight to Voicemail – 6 Possible Issues to Fix

Phone goes Straight to Voicemail | Find why iPhone Calls going straight to voicemail. Check and Fix the issue using the 6 possible ways available for iPhone aor Android user… Voicemail is a service which is available in every Android or iOS device for diverting the calls. There are certain conditions when users have accidentally

Powerwash Chromebook to Complete Reset

Find Powerwash Chromebook options for Hard reset chromebook. Check how to powerwash a chromebook using chrome and on login… Chromebook can be back working as new again by using the factory reset option available in its settings. Google Chromebook, the most known for their low cost and simple platform to use. Powerwash Chromebook Owning a

Difference between Email and Gmail

Actual difference between email and Gmail explained with examples and advantages under the technology aspect… Email is termed as a method of exchanging digital communication between two individuals or groups of people through the medium of internet. In quick form, Gmail is a Service which offers Email options to users which is provided by Google.

How to Find IP Address of Printer on Windows, MAC & WiFi Router

Just check about how to find IP address of printer on various devices like Windows, MAC, Command Prompt and WiFi Router. Finding a Printer IP address is easy if you are best aware of system configuration and network settings… There are multiple ways through which one can know their respective IP address of Printer which

How to Find Router IP Address on Windows, Android, iOS & MAC

To access the Router’s Web page, you need to find its the address, so how to find router IP, and without an IP address you can’t go on to access the facilities provided by Router and even its configuration web page. If you don’t have your router IP address and worried to access the admin