How to Rotate a Video on iPhone – Simple Technique Explained

iPhone users must know the simple technique about how to rotate a video on iPhone for different modes. Just check the method and have a possibility if rotate screen iPhone option not worked… Watching a video on an iPhone is quite stunning but if you are not able to watch it in your selected screen

Gmail Signature for Mail to Add in Single / Multiple or Delete

Gmail is a user-friendly interface that brings a lot of features to the users like Gmail Signature, Google Hangouts, and more. In case, you have to send multiple emails daily then you may allow to add Gmail Signature. This saves your time and also lets the body of mails have the signature of you as

Free Cloud Storage & Best Cloud Services for Photos

What is the best free cloud storage available in 2020, Is there any free unlimited cloud storage on web with 1TB, how to get instantly, how to free up cloud storage, Is google drive and dropbox allowed without login, what is mega free cloud storage… Are you a user who loves to take vivid photos,

ZEN Internet Broadband

ZEN internet broadband is the fastest and reliable. The article covers ZEN Broadband plans, tariff details and various broadband deals, plans and packages… Zen whereabouts It was launched by the chairman Mr. Richard Tang in 1995. It is considered as one of the oldest broadband which initially used to provide its services in schools &

Sky Broadband in UK and Broadband Plans

Sky Broadband in United Kingdom and the details of various plans that includes Data , Phone, TV channels. Read the table below for various popular plans and packages… The most efficient & fastest broadband connections i.e Sky broadband was founded in 2006 in the UK. Sky Broadband is also launched in Republic of Ireland in

How to disable Laptop Keyboard in Windows 10

Disable laptop Keyboard and learn how to make use of external keyboard for your laptop. This article shed some light on how to disable the laptop keyboard in windows 10 and Ubuntu… It happens many times that you want to use your external keyboard but struggle to have the enabled keys of your laptop. Unlike