What is Tactilon Agent, Why AIRBUS TA Opts for Dedicated Wireless Communication


TACTILON AGNET 500 is an APP based service which is developed by AIRBUS Defence & Space OY, Finland (AIRBUS group is a pioneer group that manufactures Aeroplanes, Helicopters & develops strategic solution in telecom and defence & Space domain), and It runs of existing smartphones connected with any kind of data services and with any operator around the globe.

AGNET 500 enables users to enjoy the power of TETRA wireless features (viz. Push-to-talk communication, Dynamic Group Call, Private Cal, Mobile like Full Duplex Call & Messaging etc.) and the power of LTE & high speed broadband, like Video Call, Chat, Audio Call, Image & File Sharing, Mapping Solution, Location Based Services & Collaboration with high level of security without having actual infrastructure of wireless network and handsets, where this service is now provided in India in collaboration with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) and ARUBAITO India Private Limited.

 Tactilon Agent
Tactilon Agent


Dedicated Push-to-Talk wireless communication system viz. analogue or digital wireless handsets or walky-talky, P25 or TETRA radios have been the backbone of any critical communication systems for decades, and Instead of commercial mobile communication network, these systems are used extensively by Defense Forces, Para-Military, Police, Private Security Agencies, Disaster Management, Public Safety, Fire & Safety, Aviation, Railways, Metro Rail, Transport, Ports, Project Companies, Classified programs and Healthcare etc. all over the world since a long time.

The following features of TACTILON AGNET 500 have been the main reasons of opting dedicated Push-to-Talk wireless communication:

  • Always Available : No more dialing & pick tone, just push to talk, no congestion
  • Always ON : No More downtime due to commercial network failure.
  • Security : Owned operating frequency, secure communication
  • Choice of Call Group : One to One or One to All call with push of a button
  • Phone Bill : No more exorbitant phone bill yet fixed cost.

Unfortunately, the technologies used in aforesaid public safety networks and critical communications networks today are at a crossroads with next-generation solutions and applications, and though many of the existing technologies such as TETRA and P25 have been in use for about 20 years now and they are mature, reliable, and cost effective in supporting mission-critical voice & text applications but they are not designed to support higher bandwidth applications such as Video, Data, Collaboration and Enhanced Security etc.

To address the above challenges, AIRBUS Defence & Space has developed a futuristic solution known as AIRBUS TACTILON AGNET 500 for meeting all Critical Communication needs by leveraging the benefits of Mobile Broadband, LTE & Cloud technology, you may check the comparison chart with other as below

Why TACTILON AGNET 500 is better than Walkie-Talkie, P25 and TETRA

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