Best Fiber Plans of BSNL & Jio – Think Wisely, Select Smartly

As per the analysis of true valued fiber broadband customer Mr MS Kiran Hyderabad, the following points were presented with a comparision chart about the recently launched Jio Fiber and BSNL FTTH plans.

Before discussing about the era of data speed competition, I wannna discuss about what matters for me and for a common man with respect to speed and FUP limit considering my budget without impacting my daily browsing experience.

Ok game starts now with a simple calculation considering 2 mobiles, 1 Tablet and One Smart TV, then you may be ending upto 175 to 200 GB & more per month considering 15 Hrs of HD YouTube streaming /week, 7 Hrs of music /Week, 12 Hrs of Social Networking /Week, 3 Hrs of normal browsing /Week.

So here we generally think that with good speeds we get good quality of internet, Yes I do feel the same, but here the crux is for our HD streaming data speeds of 20 to 30 Mbps is more than enough, and what it will happen when we have more speed.

Your YouTube videos will be downloaded very fast, That means if your kids are browsing videos with out watching, full length video will be downloaded upfront and Your websites widgets will consume more data @ higher speeds, which than you are not required, resulting the wastage of FUP limits.

Best Fiber Plans of BSNL & Jio
Best Fiber Plans of BSNL & Jio

Here you have to consider speed upto Mbps and concentrate more on FUP, Think wisely and select smartly the best broadband plans of BSNL which starts with speed @ 40 Mbps with highest FUP of 300 GB, and also below Rs.650, there are many BSNL Fiber plans available in each circle, Let’s check the comparison chart of both fiber ISP’s

Fiber PlansMonthly Rent in INRDownload Speed UptoFUP Limit
BSNL 300GB CS337
(West Bengal)
49940Mbps300GB, then 1Mbps
Jio Bronze699100Mbps100GB (+50GB), then 1Mbps
BSNL 500GB CUL77750Mbps500GB, then 2Mbps
Jio Silver849100Mbps200GB (+200GB), then 1Mbps
BSNL 600GB CUL84950Mbps600GB, then 2Mbps
Jio Gold1299250 Mbps500GB (+250GB), then 1Mbps
BSNL 750GB Plan1277100Mbps750GB, then 2Mbps
Jio Diamond2499500Mbps1250GB (+250GB)
BSNL 33GB CUL1999100Mbps990GB(33GB/day), then 4Mbps
BSNL 40GB CUL2499100Mbps1200GB(40GB/day), then 4Mbps

Reliance Jio Fiber offers Extra GBs for 6 months as introductory benefits only.

The two ISP’s are providing 24 hours unlimited calls to any network from IP based landline telephone.

When coming to the Installation, BSNL offers 75% below Jio, and Customer Premises Equipment is also available at 50% offer price than JIO as mentioned below

ISP Installation Charges Security Deposit Gateway Device
BSNL Rs. 250 Plan Cost Upto 2500 (in Open Market),
If ONT provides by BSNL, its FREE above 675 plans
Reliance JIO Rs. 1000 Rs. 1500 Rs.5000

So, considering with all the above points and the comparision of BSNL FTTH and Jio Fiber, now you should Think Wisely and Choose Smartly about your ISP, which will be the real option you have to consider and don’t fall prey for speed hungry flash lights.

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