How to Change WiFi Name of your Wireless Router Network

If you have an Internet connection and router at home then you would surely turn on the WiFi and know the process of how to change WiFi name which would be the best thing to do but if you want to access the Internet you need to connect with your WiFi and most of the time it does not matter what the name actually is to avoid unauthorized access.

But in case you have too many routers of the same name or too many connections nearby that are hard to detect as well, and that is the main reason to change WiFi name is to have an easier connection name that you can connect to access the Internet.

On the other hand, the way which you have to follow to allow some of your neighbors, relatives or friends to access your Internet is simply by changing the WiFi name and then resetting the password as well.

In this article, we will be showing you how to change the WiFi names from your device so that you can learn how to rename or change the identity of your WiFi easily, and also you can check how to hide WiFi SSID from the link.

How to Change WiFi Name

Following the instructions below which might be a little brief since there are numerous routers whose Admin Panel instructions might vary a little bit from others but at the end of the day the steps below are the basic ones that can help you change the WiFi SSID quickly.

  1. Open your browser and then enter your router IP Address which is your router’s admin panel access ex:
  2. Enter the username and the password on the login page to access your router’s admin panel
  3. Go to the settings from your admin panel and then click on the wireless settings
  4. Under the Wireless settings, you can check the SSID Name or Wireless Network Name which you can change as per your preference
  5. Once the WiFi name is changed then click on the Save button and this way you can change the WiFi name from your router admin panel.
  1. Can I change WiFi name from iPhone or mobile?

    Yes, you can still change your WiFi SSID which is your wireless network name by accessing your router’s admin panel via the IP Address and then simply changing the SSID of the Wireless network name as per your preference.

  2. Can I change WiFi name without accessing router admin panel?

    No, if you do not have access to your WiFi router admin panel using the IP Address then you will not be able to change the WiFi SSID, where at any cause you must enter into your router’s admin panel to change.

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