Difference between VPN and Proxy Servers

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VPN and Proxy servers are the similar tools with similar functionalities but with little differences. The primary task of both VPN and Proxy servers are to hide your IP address and location address from the websites or Apps that you are visiting.

Proxy servers behaves as a gateway between you and the servers that you are visiting with. It hides your IP address and shows the outside host address to the website. As coming to the VPN, it stills hide your IP address and location of you and shows address of VPN provider instead of your address.

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Now let’s discussing on main differences


If you enable Proxy servers, it will works on only a single site or app that you visiting. It unable to work on multiple websites at a time.

But if you enable VPN once, it works on every website or multiple websites that you are visiting by hiding your IP address and location details.

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Data Encryption

Proxy Servers won’t encrypt your browsing data or the information you are searching for or downloading. There is a risk of leaking your information to others like hackers or third party apps

VPN servers encrypt your data securely. There is no chance of data leakage while using VPN and your data will be safe.

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No-Log Policy

VPN servers contains no log policy which is the best feature for browsing security. It will not sell or expose your searching activity or promote traffic to any third party apps or websites.

But as using Proxy servers, there will be chance that free proxy servers may expose or sell your browsing activities to third party apps or websites.

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