Check BSNL Broadband Plan Subscription Online or Offline

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Many of us searching for, how to check my current BSNL broadband plan subscription, Is the facility available in online / offline and customer care, Can i check my subscription without login in online? Find all the sources here how to obtain the current subscribed plan.

Generally maximum customers don’t know about the subscribed BSNL broadband plan upto the time when speed issues occurred or having a doubt if any additional charges added in the broadband bill, at that time we require to check what is my subscribed plan of BSNL broadband services.

Actually, there are three options to check broadband plan of BSNL in online and offline, let you know in brief as below

  1. Using Selfcare Portal
  2. In Broadband Bill
  3. On Telephone bill
  4. By BSNL Customer Care

Check BSNL Broadband Subscription at Selfcare Portal

Find the DSL/FTTH broadband subscription online in 1 minute.

  1. Login to BSNL self care portal account with your credentials

    Register and login to

  2. Click on Account Number shown against Broadband

  3. Click on My facilities

    Available under My Services at left side tab

  4. Press Click here for details in right side page

  5. Click Broadband (Click her for more information) at bottom sid

    Available in bottom side

Check BSNL Broadband Subscription in Broadband Bill

View the third page of BSNL landline telephone bill physical copy or received PDF document on your email and find the subscribed BSNL broadband plan code and full description of the subscription.

Find BSNL Dial toll free BSNL broadband customer care at 1800 345 1504 from BSNL / Other network landline or mobile service or approach Customer Service Center and confirm about your subscribed BSNL broadband plan and submit the migration request if required to downgrade or upgrade the plan.

Dial toll free BSNL broadband customer care to know current subscribed plan details