BSNL Nilgiri SSA (Udhagamandalam) Broadband & Mobile Plans with 3 CSC Details

Presenting new broadband and 3G/4G mobile plans of BSNL Nilgiri district along with 3 CSC office address and contact phone number of each customer service center…

Name of the District / SSA BSNL Nilgiri Telecom District
Circle Tamilnadu
SSA Headquarters Nilgiri
Facebook Page
Twitter Page ID

The business area having three customer service centers and providing the latest plans on Bharat Fibre and mobile services, Let’s check all

Nilgiri District Home & Business Broadband Plans for Rural & Urban Areas (Village & Towns)

Mobile Plans for Nilgiri district across with Tamilnadu

BSNL Nilgiri District Customer Service Center Address with Office Contact Phone Number

  • The following Nilgiri district Customer Service Center (CSC) will function in all working days, Get BSNL holidays list for Nilgiri district
Station/Area Address of BSNL CSC Contact Telephone Number
Gudlur Gudlur, Telephone Exchange, Old Cross Road (koot Road) – 643212 04262 – 261900, 261000
Kotagiri Telephone Exchange, Near Market, Kothagiri 04266 – 272999, 271722
Ooty Telephone Exchange, Opposite to SIMS Park, Coonoor – 643101 0423 – 2235000, 2235000

Get BSNL all India customer care services complete contact details – Click here

Nilgiri District Revenue Divisions

  • Uhagamandalam, Coonoor and Gudalur.

Nilgiri District Revenue Taluks

  • Udhagamandalam, Coonoor, Kotagiri, Kundah, Gudalur, Pandalur

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4 thoughts on “BSNL Nilgiri SSA (Udhagamandalam) Broadband & Mobile Plans with 3 CSC Details”

  1. Dear Sir,

    We wish to inform you that, we are a loyal customer to BSNL for the past may years, we are having more than 12 BSNL connection in our group. The land line connection No. 04262220270 is not working properly and then is no connection. This problem pertains for the past one month. In this regard we have Informed you local service engineer Mr.Shanmugam several times, he can rectified the same I the past week and internet was working for 2 hours only after this correction, and after that again the network was not working till date.

    We are suffering a lot due to non-availability of the connection, Please intervene in this matter and rectify the connection immediately.

  2. Sir, BSNL has outsourced their services to a third party, The third party depending on your area services your requirement, Since lockdown as there is no business the third party operators make a quick buck on the Modem, That is why they said your modem is faulty, Whoever takes BSNL service is because it is because of their brand name, BSNL service in Coonoor is very bad, I too have experience of similar incidents, Do you have broadband or FTTH? BSNL provides me with an obsolete modem and now they want me to purchase a new one and again pay for it within a span of fewer than 8-9 months, No officer in BSNL is there to answer our queries. No one is there responsible for taking action in BSNL. You can call their office and no one picks up, That is the plight of BSNL, There is no other service provider in The Nilgiris other than BSNL so we have to live with it.

  3. I would like to bring to your kind attention about the problem I have been facing for the last 15 days after availing a BSNL broad band connectivity for my Child’s online class purpose. , connectivity has been availed from BSNL Coonoor, The nilgiris, Tamilnadu. The landline phone is working fine but the main intention, the broad band is still not functional for more than 15 days. I already had a modem in working condition which was used at home with the same BSNL broadband connectivity. The same modem I wanted to use with this new connection. We have carried the modem to the local exchange at coonoor but the local support person could not configure the modem and insisted that the modem is faulty. I was sure that the modem is not faulty. I was able to reset and configure the modem with the credentials provided by the local BSNL support person but the ADSL line was not active. When we reported the same, the local support person still insisted that it is purely because the modem is not functional. I have registered an online support ticket and this person closed the ticket stating that the modem is faulty. Then I took the modem into my work place and without doing anything, I just connected an ADSL line, the ADSL port became active and after the basic configuration the Modem started working and my internet connectivity was through.
    After providing the last-mile connectivity, the BSNL people demanded some bribe which we refused to give. Now I doubt the local BSNL people purposefully disabled the ADSL and charged only the voice line just because we didn’t give any money. They also offered to buy a new modem for us to replace the so called “damaged” one by the BSNL people. My son has lost classes for 15 days due to the connectivity issues just because of the reluctance of the BSNL employees. I believe you are well aware of the current condition of BSNL in India. I am expecting a positive response and immediate action on this from you.

  4. Dear BSNL, i Anoop from the last few years i wanted to notice you that the worst serive you provide in the Nilgiris, being a government service provding worst service in this area don’t u feel guilt for this, you buy the money from the people has recharge .. and why don’t you provide good service because do you think that people will not react..?


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