BSNL Kerala Broadband Plans 2022 on DSL & Bharat Fiber

Selecting the specific new tariffs related to BSNL Broadband Plans Kerala circle is not a toughest task, but have to check each combo plan from 10Mbps to 300 Mbps before subscription for unlimited internet over the latest Giga fiber optic network or DSL technology under BSNL broadband services.

Here we present the new specific massive tariffs available only in BSNL Kerala circle, in addition to the existing all India BSNL broadband plans starting from 299, where the user can have a maximum FUP limit in each plan and if required the speed even after crossing the FUP limit, can activate BSNL broadband top up to restore the previous high speed internet under any of the below spruced plans.

BSNL Kerala Broadband Plans

BSNL Fiber Plan Speed Monthly Rent in Rs 1 Year Rent in Rs Network Type
Fibre EntryUpto 20Mbps till 1000GB329
Fibre Experience 30Mbps till 1000GB then, 2Mbps 399 0Bharat Fiber
Fiber Basic Plan 30Mbps till 3300GB, then 2Mbps 449 0 Fiber
1000GB CS358 50Mbps till 1000GB, then 2Mbps 4995240Fibre
Fibre Basic Plus 60Mbps till 3300GB data, after 2Mbps 599 7188 Fiber
Super Star Premium 1Upto 100Mbps till 1000GB779Bharat Fiber
BSNL Fibere Value 100Mbps 3300GB, after 2Mbps 799 9588 Bharat Fiber
Fibre Value PlusUpto 100Mbps till 1500GB849Fiber
Super Star Preminum plusUpto 150Mbps till 2000GB999Bharat Fiber
BSNL Fibre Premium 200Mbps till 3300GB/month then 2Mbps 999 11988 Fiber
BSNL Fibre Premium Plus 200Mbps till 3.3TB/month, after 15Mbps 1277 13409 Bharat Fiber
BSNL Fibre Ultra 300Mbps till 4000GB, then 4Mbps 1499 17988 Fiber
Fibre SilverUpto 300Mbps till 4500GB1999Bharat Fiber
Fibre Silver PlusUpto 300Mbps till 5000GB2499Fiber
Fibre RubyUpto 300Mbps till 6500GB4499Fiber
100GB CUL 10Mbps till 100GB, above 2Mbps 299 0 DSL
200GB CUL 10Mbps till 200GB,upto 2Mbps399 4190 Copper
500GB CUL 10Mbps till 500GB, then 2Mbps555 5828 DSL
Super Star 110Mbps till 779GB, after 2Mbps779 8569Copper
1600GB CUL 10Mbps till 1600GB then 5Mbps 1299 13640 Copper

All the above streamlined unlimited broadband plans provides 24 hours free calling to any network across India, and for more information on plans, netizens may check district wise customer contact center details

Alleppey Palghat
Calicut Quilon (Kollam)
Cannanore Thiruvananthpuram
Ernakulam Tiruvalla
Kottayam Trichur

For all the plans, Security deposit amount is one month plan rental charges. If subscribed to the DSL/FTTH services, you can test BSNL Speed to get the assured internet at any time and see the best results. Check the above clearly, and apply BSNL broadband online to get the services at your doorstep in Kerala circle.

Kerala BB News: BSNL competent authority has announced the instructions about withdrawal of Fiber plans i.e. 500GB CUL CS353 (777), Fibro BBG ULD 1045 CS48(1045), Fibro BBG ULD 1395 CS49 (1395), Fibro Combo ULD 1895 CS129 (1895), 1500GB CUL CS55 (1999) in Kerala circle with effect from 01.03.2021.

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36 thoughts on “BSNL Kerala Broadband Plans 2022 on DSL & Bharat Fiber”

  1. Dear sir,

    I have changed my 100GB CUL plan to Fibre Basic Plus. The idea for changing the plan was to get a Good internet speed of 60 Mbps till 3300GB data.

    But from the first day itself, I am getting only 0.5 to .07 Mbps speed against the advertised and assured internet speed of 60Mbps.

    Where Should I complaint to increase the speed ??

    Kindly look into and inform.

    My BB No. 0468-2965856

  2. BSNL Super Performance: No connection from first day onwards, Thank you by providing 30 years back service without any changes. This is my third day after installation of BSNL Fiber broadband, first day it works with fluctuating internet and last two days there were no internet at all, I had raised the complained and done enough calls , however no response from any one, Very Bad Service, planning to go back to private service providers, our system is very poor.

  3. Sub.: 0497-2959111

    Dear BSNL Team,

    This has reference to the subject account being with BSNL since 207. But I regret to inform you that your landline and broadband services have been a disaster since after the initial two months. I have been paying an average of Rs. 1,700 each month with the landline and broadband internet services working for hardly 3-7 days a month.

    Every time I try to lodge a complaint all I get is the automated answering service asking me to register the complaint over and over again, and follow-ups have the same “in-process” reply with no positive outcomes from your maintenance team.

    I really do not understand why am I being so prompt in payments (refer attached) when I am getting below zero levels of service. I am really considering approaching alternate service providers so as to have a peace-of-mind service to the value paid.

    I have my entire home security systems relying on the broadband, which is totally inactive due to the poor BSNL service.

    Awaiting a positive response from your end, at least to uphold the goodwill of BSNL services to its subscribers.

  4. The FTTH 200GB CUL CS358 connection has good speed, But it disconnects frequently, So cannot use for the work from home purposes. Any idea why it’s happening?

  5. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am glad that i could write to our country’s major telecommunications company.
    I am writing this letter to BSNL as an appeal to study out major competition and good service that current private operators are offering while fixing tariffs.I am in kannur and operators are Kerala Vision, Asianet and Jio..Kerala vision service is good with their plan of 50Mbps/300gb for Rs 593/- including GST. Its been a long time now since i am a Kerala vision customer, any service issues if any, they repair immediately and speed upload and download comes to 47-49mbps in the 50mbps plan.There is no FUP these days too.What is the offer that BSNL is giving as the lowest?-just 20mbps/200gb then 2mpbs for 499 plus tax..Why is BSNL giving such blind plans-Are you indirectly supporting private operators by giving them better business by your lame plans? or are you proud that all will join BSNL no matter whatever plans you put?or Are you going to immediately catch people by giving an ONAM plan which will be better that KV and then increase it later?
    Pl consider giving some good plans, so that we can be proud of our BSNL..
    Pl reply, if possible..
    Binoy Philip

  6. Hi I have taken the (30GB CUL,16 Mbps till 30GB, then 4Mbps Rs.1849) connection
    My assumption is it’s 30GB per day? at 16MBPS. My download on Ookla speed checked is 6 MBps and upload is 0.3 MBps

    why am I not getting 16 MBPS or even half of it? whom do I contact and get this rectified? I am unable to work from home

    • It depends on your modem and router types of equipment, If it is lower bandwidth router, or modem the speed is capped with it. Go for higher bandwidth network equipment.

  7. Dear sir,
    is there any online application for fibre connection is possible? what is the link to apply by online? how we can know in our place your fibre net is available or not? i am from Maradu, Ernakulam, Is there any coverage in that area.

    Please advise me

    • Its available in Maradu, Go to BSNL telephone exchange near South railway and get the form and apply, Carry original Photo ID along with a photocopy of address proof and ID card.

  8. Worst service, Seems BSNL is helping other private services by testing customer patience, I have waited 10 days to get my service(lost connection), Now as I love India, it’s in safe custody.

  9. Hai, Periyakanal Estate, center division Devikulam Taluk, Idukki District Kerala State, Service available or not broadband.

  10. Was having a broadband cum landline unlimited connection with a discount of 20% applicable for public sector employees, Grdually discount reduced to 5% Bill amount was about Rs 900.Then in March BSNL came with a proposal for fibre connection offering very high speed. Charged Rs3000 for new modem and installation and another Rs 1200 next month for some more unknown charges. Bill came to 1200 plus though I specifically requested for a plan where total amount does not exceed my existing plan. Speed was also horribly low. I made a representation in June and I was assured that the next bill will be at least Rs 300 less. The next bill came and it is 1400 plus. Made a representation waiting for redressal. Now bills cannot be seen on portal. Wonder why one should opt for such abysmal services.

  11. 8 months BSNL broadband not working, complaint registered, but no action, Every month bill generating, given complaint to reverse the bill payment, but not action, Fiber opted , but no response. Giving priority to new customers, Very bad.

    • In kerala = somaliya
      My bsnl plan 8mb but i have speed only 1.3 mb
      Yearly bill 4984
      But vodafone is better rs 1699 for one year 4g router 2000
      2000+1699=3699 first year only speed more than 20mb
      Unlimited calls and internet.

  12. I am unable to access internet for the last more than 4 days, Though a complaint was made online through your telephone complaint booking system (198) there was no response from any body, When tried again through the complaint booking system I am getting the reply that the complaint is pending and the status is working on the complaint, Please expedite action


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