How to Change BSNL SIM OwnerShip to Other Name


Let you know, how to change BSNL SIM Ownership name to your required, check who are eligible and whom will contact for name change of prepaid or postpaid SIM card under GSM Mobile services.

BSNL SIM Ownership Change

Actually, many of us searching about, Is there any facility to change the ownership to get duplicate SIM card as per their prepaid plan allotted and if it is available, how can we know the steps. To provide the best, now here we elaborate the total process for BSNL SIM card ownership change (name change).

In earlier, many of the customers get their prepaid SIM cards from unknown sources without their name registration, and also some one requires to change their SIM card name due to customer death or for regularization, for all those, you can check the following. There are two ways to change the ownership of BSNL SIM card

  1. Surrender the number to BSNL by submitting a requisition to concerned office and request to release again.
  2. Link with Aadhar EKYC on Reverification, after approval it automatically adjusts the original name of the customer, to present who are using the SIM card (This facility was already closed after the introduction of Digital KYC).
    • For second method, the mobile number must be in working condition only, but for the first case, it is not applicable.
Change BSNL SIM OwnerShip to Other Name
Change BSNL SIM OwnerShip to Other Name

Process to surrender BSNL SIM card and to release again

Submit a written request for closure of prepaid SIM card indicating the registration details of other unknown person by enclosing with the following details

  1. BSNL Name Transfer Affidavit given by Notary
  2. Valid POI/POA of new customer (Aadhaar Card etc..)

After submitting to BSNL, the concerned nodal incharge will verify the genuineness and if satisfied with all, they will submit Surrender request of prepaid SIM card, then after approval of concerned marketing incharge, the number will again release at the same user for reactivation as a new mobile number with new change in SIM ownership to you through Digital KYC.

If a customer died with any reason, then then legal heir or family member can change the BSNL SIM ownership to required by submitting the following

  • Death Certificate
  • Family Member Certificate
  • No Objection Letter from all family members (Required if the SIM change required to other family member instead of Legal heir)

But in case of BSNL Landline name transfer, the other new process may follow on submitting the prescribed application form for name transfer given by the operator if both the parties are live, and in case of death, the above process may followed as it is for Name transfer.

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