BSNL Nanded Broadband and Mobile Plans with 18 Customer Centers

Are you facing any issues in BSNL Nanded service, then it’s always best to seek out help from the BSNL customer service center because they have trained professionals who can ensure that every issue you can face is resolved in a timely fashion that does not hurt your daily needs.

We all might face an issue where the bill payment might not work or sometimes the recharge does not go through, these are basic issues but the BSNL Nanded customer team is enriched such that they take even such requests and promise to deliver you resolution over it.

Considering the same, they can help you with any of the issues that you may face with the BSNL products or service as you go further but over time you can simply reach out to their team who can ideally get you a solution in quick time.

ParticularsBusiness Area Details
Business AreaSatara District
Tehsil Areas CoveredArdhapur, Bhokar, Biloli, Degloor, Kinwat, Loha, Mahur, Mudkhed, Dharmabad, Mukhed, Hadgaon, Nanded, Himayatnagar, Naigaon, Kandhar, Umri
Available ServicesLandline, Virtual Landline, DSL / FTTH Broadband
3G / 4G Prepaid & Postpaid Mobile, WINGS

BSNL Nanded CSC Contact Details

CSC NameBSNL CSC Contact AddressContact Number
SnehnagarBSNL O/o SDE ( Commercial) Snehanagar, DIG Office Shrinagar, Nanded – 4316020246 – 2252801
Telephone BhavanBSNL CSC, Opp. Collector Office Station Road, Telephone Bhavan, Nanded – 4316010246 – 2241400
TarodaBSNL Customer Service Centre, Tele Exchange, Taroda Naka, Deep Nagar, Nanded0246 – 2261800
MIDCBSNL C.S.C, Tele Exchange, Taroda Naka, Deep Nagar, Nanded0246 – 2261800
ArdhapurBSNL Customer Service Centre, Tellephone Exchange, Ardha, PUR0246 – 2272399
BhokapurBSNL C.S.C, Telephone Exchange, Tamasa Road, Bhokar02467 – 223000
HadgaonBSNL Customer Service Centre, Hadgaon Exchange, Nanded Road, Hadgaon02468 – 222900
KinwatBSNL CSC, Tele Exchange, Kinwat0246 – 9223997
MahurBSNL Customer Service Centre, Tele Exchange, Mahur02460 – 268850
LohaC.S.C, Telephone Exchange, Loha, Nanded Road02466 – 242598
KandharBSNL CSC, Tele Exchange, Kandhar02466 – 223000
MudkhedBSNL Customer Service Centre, Tele Exchange Mudkhed, Nanded0246 – 2275498
UmariC.S.C, Telephone Exchange, Umari02465 – 226501
NaigaonCustomer Service Centre, Telephone Exchange, Naigaon02465 – 226501
DegloorC.S.C, Tele Exchange, Deglo OR02463 – 255504
BiloliCustomer Service Centre, Tele Exchange, Biloli02465 – 223588
DharmabadBSNL C.S.C, Telephone Exchange, Dharmabad0246 – 244198
MukhedBSNL Customer Service Centre, Tele Exchange, Mukhed02461 – 222600

BSNL Broadband Plans in Nanded

BSNL Mobile Plans Nanded

If you want to get a new connection or just want to learn about their services even then you can visit their branch office where their support is reliable enough to provide you with the required information.

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