BSNL Nagpur Broadband and MobilePlans with 23 Customer Care Centers

in order to ensure that your problem is not longing enough you may reach out to the BSNL Nagpur customer support team for latest BSNL broadband plans and mobile services who can deliver on your request in a timely fashion who sometimes certainly face issues that the online team might not understand or we are not equipped to presumably explain the issue, and

It should not come as any surprise that BSNL has a vast number of services in the field of telecommunication and with millions of customers, there can be small issues that can arise and that is where the support teams come into play.

If you want to get your WiFi connection reset, restore or change your broadband plan for any purpose or get a new connection then reaching out the customer service is the best since they can prioritize requests for service connections.

ParticularsBusiness Area Details
Business AreaNagpur District
Tehsils covered under Business AreaRamtek, Umred, Kalameshwar, Katol, Kamthi, Kuhi, Narkhed, Nagpur, Nagpur (Rural), Parseoni, Bhiwapur, Mouda, Savner, Hingna
Available ServicesLandline, Virtual Landline, DSL / FTTH Broadband
3G / 4G Prepaid & Postpaid Mobile, WINGS

BSNL Nagapur CSC List

Name BSNL CSC Contact Address Contact Number
CTO BSNL Customer Service Centre, CTO Compound, Civil Lines, Nagpur – 440001 0712 – 2550820
Sakkardar BSNL C.S.C, Sakkardara Tele Exchange, Sakkardara 0712 – 2748001
Khamla BSNL Customer Service Centre, Khamla Telephone Exchange, Khamla, Nagpur
Nari BSNL C.S.C, Tele Exchange, Nari 026 – 2233833
Katol BSNL Customer Service Centre, Katol Telephone Exchange, Katol 07112 – 222800
Saoner BSNL C.S.C, Saoner 07113 – 233860
Kalmeshwar BSNL Customer Service Centre, Kalmeshwar07118 – 271000
Narkhed BSNL C.S.C, Narkhed 07105 – 232600
Buttibori Buttibori, Customer Service Center07103 – 262600
Kalmna C.S.C, Kalamna 0712 – 2680819
Kamtee BSNL Customer Service Centre, Kamptee 0719 – 282344
Umrer BSNL CSC, Umrer 07116 – 243384
Mouda BSNL Customer Service Centre, Mouda 07115 – 281298
Ramtek BSNL C.S.C, Ramtek 07114 – 255003
Katol Road BSNL Customer Service Centre, Katol Road, Nagpur
Bhiwapur BSNL C.SC, Bhiwapur 07106 – 232798
Parseoni BSNL Customer Service Centre, Parseoni 07102 – 225299
Higna Village BSNL CSC, Higna Village 0832 – 2276100
Nandanwan C.S.C, Nandanwan, 0291 – 2712222
MIDC Hingna BSNL CSC, MIDIC Hingna 07104 – 2783237
VRCE BSNL Customer Service Centre, VRCE Telephone Exchange, Nagpur 0712 – 2231044
Kuhi C.S.C, Kuhi 07100- 222200
Itwari BSNL CSC, Itwari 0712 – 2733535

BSNL Nagpur Broadband Plans

BSNL Nagpur Mobile Plans

If you have a suggestion or feedback to be provided, then you can simply provide that at the customer support team because they take in suggestions to improve their performance of BSNL Nagpur services.

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