Change BSNL SMS Center Number using USSD Dial Code


Now have a chance to change BSNL SMS center number by USSD dialing numbers on your mobile dialpad, just enter the corresponding key on your iPhone or Android / Windows phone and change message center number instantly related to BSNL postpaid or prepaid mobile.

Some of the mobile customers are not allowed to send SMS from their handset even having BSNL correct SMS center number, It is all due to not resetting of SMS center in root level, In that cases, you have to follow the process of below, using USSD dial code to reset / refresh the message center number.

Change BSNL SMS Center Number
Change BSNL SMS Center Number

Change iPhone SMS Center

If you are using iPhone, please set the BSNL message center number by dialing the following code and change or refresh the message center number to avoid message barring facility.

50057672*<SMS Center Number>#

BSNL SMS Center Change in Android by Dial Code

Refresh Message Center in Just 1 minute.

If you are using an Android based smart phone or in any Android GSM device, just follow the process to change or refresh the SMS center in the number provided by the operator.

  1. Dial ##4636## on your keypad
  2. Click Phone Information
  3. Scroll down and Go to SMSC field
  4. Enter corresponding SMS Center Number
  5. Click Update

After completing the above process, just Switch Off and Switch ON the handset once to complete the resetting the BSNL SMS center number or change to new in place of existing using USSD dial code in any prepaid or postpaid mobile.

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