What is BSNL Bharat Air Fiber & How it is Transmitted


BSNL Bharat Air Fiber is a wireless internet connection with highest bandwidth now being built through laying optical fiber. BSNL Bharat Air fiber sounds like BSNL FTTH service but there a lot of difference in their connection and network.

As Bharat Fiber purely a wired network which provides data connection through the BSNL FTTH service. Currently the Air fiber launched in free spectrum not charged or used in rural areas for their wireless connection.

BSNL is now expanding its Bharat Airfiber Service to Bihar, Tamil Naidu, Haryana, Karnataka and Telangana state, the aim of this service is to provide broadband connection to rural areas and aiming to connect over 2.5 lakhs gram panchayats, and Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad minister of communication, electronic and IT and Law and Justice has launched Bharat Airfiber to service the nation.

Thus in near future it may plan to bring their Air fiber service to all BSNL owned telecom circles, and it was in Telangana Karimnagar District in January when the initial Air fiber started and it now in mode expanded to all India.

The plan for BSNL Bharat Air Fiber laid to develop the villages and bring them up by providing the basic internet facility. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited now expanding its circles in good speed with latest BSNL Air Fiber Plans after having successfully test the initial stage of Air Fiber in major villages of 5 states.

What is BSNL Bharat Air Fiber
What is BSNL Bharat Air Fiber

How BSNL Bharat Air Fiber Transmitted

The Bharat AirFiber may said to unlicense spectrum which not used by any group of resources, and thus this doesn’t mean any low quality but a reliable interface to provide the wireless connection to rural areas.

As the update begins BSNL has started to use the line of sight Radio waves through which will be deploying the wireless connection and service centre in villages.

As the rural villages don’t have much Air Conditioner, Wi-Fi Devices and Microwave electronic items that usually emit sounds, and thus serving the rural areas with Bharat Airfiber is flexible and more feasible with having less radiation levels.

The pricing of BSNL Bharat Airfiber announced with new plans, which much lesser with the kind of service that may planned to provide. Every customer needs to get themselves register and get their equipment to install in their house.

What is being provided under BSNL Bharat Air Fiber

BSNL fully planned to provide the best services to the village but giving them an option of Triple play service, and this is only for the villages as they will be getting internet connection, calling facility and as well TV service.

Thus giving them a full package at single connection without much wired connection. BSNL collaborated with YuppTV to build their third service in Triple Play service plan and thus getting prepare for Indian region after serving the South Asia region.

With the help of Triple Play service, BSNL has fully planned to build up the village entrepreneur and will provide an option to everyone to build an Air fiber service with an initial investment of Rs 50,000.

Can we get BSNL Bharat Air fiber in the City?

At present, there is no plan to bring BSNL Air fibre in urban boundaries, as it is fully planned for rural areas only, and anyone who is willing to get similar services of BSNL Air fiber, then they can subscribe with BSNL Bharat FTTH service which is being provided with wired connection in all cities of India.

Is Bharat Air fiber free of Cost for Villages?

The price of BSNL Air fiber has been fixed to 500 Rs and this is the minimum amount that is being charged for Triple Play Service, thus villagers can afford to get this monthly payment done based on Internet, Calling and TV service.

Is BSNL Bharat Air fibre good?

The one word answer is Excellent, where Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is a state-owned telecom service provider which always brings exclusive offers at minimal price, and the network connection of BSNL is spread almost in rare locations of India, thus getting subscribed to BSNL Bharat Air fiber will surely benefit you with fully loaded plans.

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