BSNL Name Tune Activation with My BSNL Tunes App


Listen your name as caller tune before activation and activate BSNL Name tune for your prepaid or postpaid mobile with My BSNL Tunes App and greet all / some particular numbers as per your wish, check the simple process for activation.

A mobile user can create and activate name tune at any time, we already presented BSNL Name Tune activation process through SMS, and now we present the simple activation steps of Name Tune through My BSNL Tunes App which is also available to listen before activation by typing your name in the appropriate search bar.

BSNL Name Tune Activation
BSNL Name Tune Activation

BSNL Name Tune Activation

Follow the simple steps and activate your BSNL Name tune to greet your callers with your Name

  1. Open My BSNL Tunes App on your mobile screen
  2. Click on Name
  3. Type Name and Search
    • Enter your required name in search bar to activate as name tune
  4. Select the name
    • Choose the combination displayed from the list
  5. Select the Language
    • Choose the required regional/national/international language to spell your name tune
  6. Listen your name tune
  7. Select for All Callers / Special Callers
  8. Submit

Can we create name tune online and App at the same time?

If BSNL name tune is activated through online already and when you enter into My BSNL Tunes application for activation of the same, then it shows the subscription details which already activated.

If activates name tune and normal tune by mistake, what will happen?

Activating the name tune or BSNL caller tune again, the old one will replace with new and will charge for tune selection second time.

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