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It’s the time for every business entity to acquire large space on BSNL building for rent, Find the office area in your required city at anywhere in India available at attractive budget…

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited does come with an initiative to offer its spaces on rent. This is an opportunity to get the BSNL office / quarter building spaces on rent, which may utilized for residential or commercial purposes.

A recent notification from BSNL does clear that there are many buildings and commercial spaces of BSNL CDOT, ITI, MTNL company buildings in all over India, which now proposed to set on rent.

These vacant open spaces may bought by Banks, Companies, Limited Organisations or any firm offering a market rental value, where the vacant building spaces in prime locations of India are all best for any kind of business or entity.

BSNL Building for Rent
BSNL Building for Rent

Anyone interested in taking the BSNL buildings for rent, can visit the official portal as per the mentioned and check their locality, and in this portal the detailed information of vacant spaces provided with their city, area and location with an image of property.

The contact information provided for each vacant space / building or complex space available for rent. So anyone who interested can reach the nearest BSNL office and proceed with rental proceedings.

Check BSNL Spaces on Rent

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Select BSNL as organisation from dropdown menu in left side label
  3. Select Unit (State / Circle) from right side dropdown
  4. Find the list of BSNL availabe spaces for rent in your required area

Choose a building from the list and reach with your quotation that will be checked by a local officer and based on other quotations for the same space with the most profitable for BSNL will be chosen and given the building for rent for a limited agreed period.

Can Anyone Ask for BSNL Space on Rent?

Yes, if you’re holding an entity or small company which requires an area in a prime location in the city, then they can easily reach BSNL with their plan to get a suitable space for rent, so getting prime location for rent may hard for everyone but using this BSNL opportunity one can get done in an official manner.

What is the Rent for BSNL Space on Rent?

The rent for any space acquired by any entity from BSNL will be based on Local rental value, and the agreement will be made for a limited period which needs to be renewed by the holding party once they reach the agreement end period with updated rental value.

Why is BSNL Renting out their building for Rent?

The process of Rental by BSNL is all to bring in revenue to the organization, and having acquired buildings and commercial space in Prime location, BSNL has invited this opportunity to rent out its spaces.

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  1. BSNL Building for Rent in haryana for all PSU/state department offices/registered private companies.
    Virender Kumar
    BSNL Sales team
    cont. 9468182001


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