Will 4G Phones Work on 5G Network Technology

Will current 4G phones work with coming 5G network, If possible which phones will support 5G technology, Is it dangerous with 5G in future if works on 4G mobile, Will 5G works on any smartphone like Samsung, iPhone etc..

Why can’t I use 4G Mobile Phone for 5G Technology

5G Technology is the advanced version of the wireless cellular telecommunication service which as we all know was in works from the beginning of 2019, Korea has been one of the first countries to adopt the 5G technology and the Smartphones just by the year 2019 which showcases the advancement of technology on their end with new 5G mobiles upcoming.

5G Technology will use a very different millimetre wave-based spectrum frequency which is going to be the world’s fastest in terms of wireless communication, So, the 5G Millimetre wave is fast and the speed that this service gives off is somewhere from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps which is such a high number.

4G Phone Works on 5G
4G Phone Works on 5G

But the catch here is, if you own a 4G smartphone then the technology inside your present phone is not capable enough to make it run on 5G spectrum and it will never catch any of the fast signals.

The reason is 4G smartphone is built only to receive the frequency range for 4G carrier service or below like 3G, 2G and 1G as well, Where as the upcoming 5G technology has a completely different millimetre wave with a frequency range above 24 Ghz which can also reach up to 72 Ghz that is very high than usual 4G frequency range.

So, the simple answer (for, will 4G phones work on 5G network) would be 4G mobile phones have a technology which can only catch 4G or below technology, but if you own a 5G mobile phone then you can use 5G and below technologies like 4G, 3G, 2G and 1G as well.

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