What is SMSC & SMS Number to Send Messages


What is SMSC

SMS Center is a service which is being utilized by every Mobile service provider in one or the other way, when an SMS request is processed form sender to receiver.

The process of delivering and receiving of SMS by the customer is employed at their specific SMS Centre which is defined under mobile service provider.

An SMS sent must be passed through SMS Center or SMS gateway on its way to reach the destination.

SMS Center does a duty to store the received SMS and then regulate it to the proper destination. In case, the recipient is unavailable, then until the user number is reached the sent SMS will be stored in SMS Center.

SMS Centre Number

Every Service provider has the unique SMS Center number which is automatically updated in the mobile device, when the SIM card is inserted.

These updates will record all details of SMS service which let you help while sending or receiving the Message. In case of regular failure of SMS sent, it might lead to problems with SMS centers and that can only be resolved by connecting with customer care executives.

Customer service executive will guide you through the steps to add an SMS centre or will send a confirmation message, which will automatically update the number in your device.

SMS Centre

SMS Center plays an important role in wireless networks by handling short messaging operations.

Any short message wich is sent from a device will be stored in SMS Center for some time and will be transferred to receiver, only when they are available. The storing and directing the message to the correct receiver is the main purpose of SMS Center.

As due to unavailability or any network reason, the recipient cannot receive the message which tends to lose the message sent. Thus SMS Centre does behave as a mediator and ensures proper transfer of the message to receive form sender in stimulated time.

SMS Centre Working

Let us deep drive in the SMS Centre working, which might give you a good glance over the processing and regulation.

Sender Message

The SMS Centre receives a mobile message which is sent through a mobile device by the sender. In the very next time, SMS Centre will send a request for a Home location register which is to find the recipient.

Once the Home location register is sent, the details of the recipient will be forwarded to the SMS Centre which will be marked then as a destination source.

Message Stored at SMS Centre

SMS Centre does look for the recipient availability; based on their status the SMS will be forwarded.

If the Recipient is not found, then an error to the sender will be forwarded with relevant error code.

In case, the device is offline or inactive due to network unavailability. Then the SMS Centre stores the sent message code and will wait for the destination to get active.

Receiver Acceptance

Sender will be notified with the Sent notification when the message has been successfully delivered to the destination device and in case of failure even after waiting for a certain time, then SMS Centre will have proper error code sent to sender with detailing about failure of the message.

Once an SIM card is inserted into a device, the user gets connected to a particular SMS Centre which by direct means or indirectly does mediates the messages.

Even a message sent from the Service provider to install packages or update the plan, will be transferred through SMS Center with a similar process.

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