Airtel SMS Center Number for Each State / Circle


Airtel SMS Center Number allows to edit anytime | Check Airtel Message Centre Number and change if having an error in sending text messages…

If you have moved to Airtel recently and you face difficulty while sending the SMS then it will be mostly due to not updated settings in your new device. So, you may update Airtel message center number which associates with the operator which allows to send or receive the messages.

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In case of not have the proper Airtel SMS Center Number, the messages will not be sent from your device. These will mostly get resolved when you re-enter the SIM card once again or give a reboot to the device. Else you can just make a call to the Airtel service centre and ask them to find the local message centre number for your Airtel number.

Airtel SMS Center
Airtel SMS Center

Airtel SMS Center Number

Circle / StateSMSC Number
AP (Andhra Pradesh)+919849087001
Madhya Pradesh+919845086020
Uttar Pradesh+919810051914
West Bengal+919932029007
Himachal Pradesh+919845086020
Jammu and Kashmir+919845086007
Tamil Nadu+919898051914

The following is the process for an Airtel network mobile user to edit or save with new SMS center number.

How to Set Airtel Message Centre Number

  1. Open Message App
  2. Click on 3dotted at top right
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Click More Settings
  5. Tap Text Messages
  6. Scroll down to Message Centre
  7. Enter SMSC number ontained as per your circle
  8. Click Set

The provided number has to be updated in the setting under the SMS centre to enable the Messaging flow option. Airtel SMS centre number will be different from every zone and area, thus only the local number from the service executive will resolve your messaging issue.

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