Example of Cheer and Chants and Yells

You must have been to a camp for fun or a team-building activity. We love to yell when we are at the camp. Chanting, cheering and yelling is all thatmake the camp interesting and fun. While going to school or playing a game in school, we sometimes cheer our team, yell for them, and cheer

BSNL Joins With Japan’s SoftBank To Rollout 5G and IoT

India’s biggest telecom company BSNL is making its way forward toward the 5G services in India and working towards developing an environment which is conducive to the change in the telecom environment. One of the development is the Internet of Things which includes the development of devices which have the capability to connect to the

Aadhaar eKYC Discontinued for New Mobile Connections and Reverification

Ministry of Communication, Department of Telecommunications has issued the complete instructions regarding the Discontinuation of Use of Aadhaar eKYC service of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for issuing new mobile connections and Reverification of existing mobile subscribers. In compliance to Hon’ble Supreme Court observations in its judgment regarding the usage of Aadhaar/authentication performed using

History of BSNL & Operational Services with New Management

PAN India Telecom operator BSNL refers to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, when going to history, it is 100% government owned Communications Corporation, and it is a public telecommunication service in India launched on 15th September 2000 and celebrating the formation day by starting the operations from 01.10.2000 having operational headquarters in New Delhi. BSNL is

AJIO Online Shopping with Track, Return, Exchange, Refund on Demand

AJio is an Indian e-commerce company that was launched in 2016. It is a part of the Reliance Industries Limited group and specializes in fashion, electronics, and home essentials. AJio offers a wide range of products including clothing, footwear, accessories, electronics, home and kitchen appliances, and more.  They also offer a loyalty program called AJio

BSNL 4G Available Cities in Telangana Telecom Circle

The following are the available cities which are covered and installed with BSNL 4G services in Telangana Telecom circle, customers can check the BSNL 4G SIM Free offer as per the availability and approach the nearest CSC at these locations to upgrade for 4G SIM, and near soon many towns are connected with BSNL 4G

Check the Actuals of BSNL Profit and Loss, Don’t Spread the Negative

Recently you and me heard about many news on BSNL Profit and Loss which misleads public on PSU’s past and future, So, here we present the actual analysis of Bandhan Preet Singh, a Proud BSNL employee which clearing the air of confusion about BSNL Profits and Loss through facts. Here if we observe the figures,

BSNL OFFER 2023 on Mobile & Broadband Services

Do check the latest BSNL Offer for the Year 2023 on Mobile, Broadband (Fibre / DSL) and other telecom services offered by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited… Broadband Offers BSNL Offers a discount of Rs.200 per month for 6months for conversion of existing Landline/Broadband to Fiber as promotional offer for 90days from 12.04.2023 to 10.07.2023. Rural

BSNL 3G is Better than others 4G, Must know the hidden facts

Why 4G network of many private operators in India not providing the data browsing speed to their customers even like 3G Net of BSNL GSM services, finding the reasons for customer sake, must know… Let us see the reports of Andhra Pradesh telecom circle with some figures, In AP there are above 5 crore mobile

BSNL 5G – Launch Date, Plans and 5G Mobile Device

Find the reasons, why BSNL selected for 5G airwaves, what is the launch date and the speed of 5G network, will BSNL 5G plans are costlier than 5G or lower, what are the lash backs and 5G devices available in market… We all know that 5G is something that everyone across world is waiting for