iPhone Speaker Not Working, How to Fix it

Speaker not working on Apple iPhone? Fix my iPhone speaker and follow various methods to solve the iPhone speaker issue.. It can become quite scary when you find out that your iPhone speaker is not working. In this world full of hustle where work may complete on the calls this can be an issue to

PPI Full Form in Medical, Electrical and Phone

Find PPI Full form and where this may used in different services or fields. Also check how PPI is calculated for services differently… If you are someone in the field of technology and imaging, or else from a medical background then you might have observed a metric on your report or else on the screen.

How to Check Airtel Net Balance (Different Modes)

Check your current Net Balance of Airtel at anytime from anywhere. Just know some of the simple modes about how to check Net Balance in Airtel… Airtel which is also known as Bharti Airtel Limited is an Indian Global telecommunication Service limited Company. Airtel operates in multiple countries with millions of active users daily utilizing

How to Fix WP Site URL Error for Http or Https 

Running the WordPress Site on Https is secure and also brings trust by increasing the search engine factor. Https for a website is all about bringing accurate data on search results making your content value. There are many changes that have to be done when you’re moving your website URL from Http to Https.¬† The

Phone Wont Connect to WiFi, Steps to Resolve with 7 Possible Ways

check the 7 possible steps identified to resolve the issue Phone wont connect to WiFi, Find trouble shooting tips provided for phone won’t connect to WiFi authentication problem and resolve the problem immediately… In our hustling daily life WiFi usage has become a necessary means of living and without it, things can get delayed like

MAC IP Address Check with Various Networks on Different MAC OS

Do you know how to find your MAC IP address on different Macintosh operating system, now here we present how to find the IP on Mac in different OS versions along with using terminal, wired or wireless network and with connected router, Check each mode to find your IP address on MAC device… MAC IP

iPhone Reset, How to Factory Reset iPhone

Apple iPhone will allow you to do factory reset of all the settings and configurations. The article gives the process of how to reset iPhone and force restart the phone will lead to reset all settings.. How to reset iPhone iPhone has got an option to reset its network settings or entire device settings. Thus

How to Delete Multiple Contacts on an iPhone

How to delete multiple contacts on a iPhone from various methods. This article covers delete contacts from iPhone through contact list, iCloud and accessibility, Groups App… iPhone is an interesting device which does have multiple options which are far easier to operate if you know them better. The iOS device phone does have an easy

How to Disable Laptop Keyboard in Windows 10

Disable laptop Keyboard and learn how to make use of external keyboard for your laptop. This article shed some light on how to disable the laptop keyboard in windows 10 and Ubuntu… It happens many times that you want to use your external keyboard but struggle to have the enabled keys of your laptop. Unlike

Forgot Gmail Password – Reset Online in Desktop or Mobile App

You can now have more options to reset forgot gmail password. Just check the steps which are common to follow through desktop or mobile app t recover GMail Forgot Password… Google mail is one of the most widely used electronic mailing platforms, which has over billions of active users. Gmail does bring effective ways of