How to Reduce BSNL Monthly Broadband Bill


According to broadband subscription only, ISP will charge the broadband bill, so there is no chance of lowering the monthly broadband bill on any cause. If a customer downgrades the subscription plan, then it results in the reduction of BSNL bill payment.

Apart from the above, You and me like all the customers will have a chance to entirely avoid the monthly bill by getting the reduction in BSNL broadband bill payment by subscribing annual fee.

Reduce BSNL Monthly Broadband Bill
Reduce BSNL Monthly Broadband Bill

Tips to Reduce BSNL Monthly Broadband Bill

  • If you subscribe to a yearly plan of BSNL broadband, 1-2 months bill rent is waived as per that time promotional offer.
  • For two years, BSNL waives upto 5 months rent in the coming broadband bill, and for 3years subscription, you will get upto 8months free subscription.
  • BSNL directly didn’t offer any cash back offers but offers loyalty points for redemption.
  • Also, BSNL wallet allows some cash back according to offers announced.
  • Opt Outright purchase and buy the broadband / FTTH modem as own. Avoid monthly rent option.

If I change my existing BSNL broadband plan in the middle of the month, what will the charges for that month?

The existing broadband plan fees will collect up to the date of plan change and from the commencement of new internet plan, BSNL broadband bill will reflect as per new tariff. So, in that month you will get two types of charges proportionately as per old and new plans in one postpaid bill.

What is one time charges on my BSNL broadband bill?

  • One time charges are the amount you have to pay only one time in the postpaid bill towards the product which you have purchased/subscribed. Some of them are as follows.

If you upgrade your existing BSNL broadband plan, then the balance amount of deposit will charge as One Time Charges.

  • Purchasing of BSNL WiFi modem shown as a One-time charge in BSNL broadband bill.
  • The amount of telephone instrument charges which you have purchased will show as the One-time charges.

Can any data usage not exhausted with FUP is carried over to next broadband bill?

No, it is not possible. Everything calculates for that month only, if any unused data will exhaust the end of the month.

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