How to Sync Contacts from Gmail to iPhone & Android

Sync contacts from Gmail is the most essential option when buying a new phone. Just check how to sync contacts from Gmail to iPhone and Android instantly… Gmail is a free service that brings various options for the users and is also the best service provider for contacts syncing online. If you’re using a Google

How to Find IP Address of Printer on Windows, MAC & WiFi Router

Just check about how to find IP address of printer on various devices like Windows, MAC, Command Prompt and WiFi Router. Finding a Printer IP address is easy if you are best aware of system configuration and network settings… There are multiple ways through which one can know their respective IP address of Printer which

How to Delete Spotify Account Subscription & History

Do you want to delete spotify premium or free account subscription and the history without email, So, just check how to delete spotify account and also check Can we delete temporarily or permanently, What are the things need to understand before deleting and how to delete spotify app and how to recover if required… Love

How to Hide WiFi Name and How to Change WiFi Name

Presenting about how to hide WiFi name or SSID of your router for your wireless network to avoid unknown attacks, along with how to change WiFi name anytime required. Find the settings in various routers mentioned… The WiFi which you use to connect to the internet does broadcast its name in the network, so that

Your PC Ran into a Problem and Needs to Restart

How to fix the error your PC ran into a problem and needs to Restart without getting any affect on local files in windows 10 or in other versions, Find whether it is an registry error or not and collect the error info about how to fix on if keeps rebooting… The Windows Error your

Windows Update Cannot Currently Check for Updates

If you get an error like Windows update cannot currently check for updates because service is not running, and you need to restart your computer, which mostly occurs when Windows temporary update folder is corrupted. In this tutorial we will bring you different approaches to get Window update error fixed. In many of the cases

No Internet Secured – Fix Now with 5 Ways to Get Connected

How to fix No Internet Secured connectivity issue in Windows 10 or in any other versions, and even in Mobile or Laptop using 5 different ways to resolve no internet secured problem instantly and got connected to the internet using wired or wireless connection, Check the steps to fix the problem in each different way…

Superscript in Google Docs and Subscript in Google Docs for Mac or Windows

Google Docs is a powerful tool that offers a wide range of formatting options to help you create professional-looking documents with simple options like Superscript in Google Docs and Subscript in Google Docs which one of these formatting options is the ability to add more viewability to your text. Subscripts and Superscript Google docs are

Remove Password from PDF in Different Ways to Unlock Protection

Learn how to remove password from PDF files using various methods, including online tools, desktop software and mobile apps. Discover various options on remove password from pdf and the potential consequences of pdf password remove… Password protection is a common feature used to secure important documents, such as PDF files. However, there are times when

How to Set Push to Talk on Discord with New Configuration Steps

Discord Push to Talk primarily a chat service that focused only on the text quickly spread across the gaming world with its advanced and real-time audio chatting feature. Not only this but it has got a famous and good critic review because this app not only provides a gamer or user with audio or text