Your PC Ran into a Problem and Needs to Restart

How to fix the error your PC ran into a problem and needs to Restart without getting any affect on local files in windows 10 or in other versions, Find whether it is an registry error or not and collect the error info about how to fix on if keeps rebooting… The Windows Error “your

How to Find Router IP Address on Windows, Android, iOS & MAC devices

To access the Router’s Web page, you need to find its the address, so how to find router IP, and without an IP address you can’t go on to access the facilities provided by Router and even its configuration web page. If you don’t have your router IP address and worried to access the admin

How to Hack WiFi Password to use Unlimited Internet

We all use Internet in our daily life for different purposes from listening to music to browsing news on the web or else to collaborate with colleagues for a presentation online. In the sense when we work, we make use of Internet via different source and WiFi connection has become the most common means since

How to Uninstall or Remove Parallels on Mac (Method Proved*)

Removing or Uninstall any Application from Mac is quieter than any other operating system, because most applications on Mac, Parallels doesn’t require it to be uninstalled, Simply move this Parallels Desktop to trash and it will be removed from your applications. In case you’re trying to upgrade, then you just need to download the new