Will Get BSNL New Prepaid Connection Anywhere in India


Do check the process, possibilities and restrictions for issuing a BSNL new prepaid connection at anywhere in India, Check when the customer rejected to get the new connection other than home circle…

As per the new Digital KYC process issued by TRAI, the operator BSNL has issued the new connections for any resident in India restricted to that circle number for activation, so if customer belongs to other circle/state must have to produce one local reference for issuing of new connection along with existing process.

So the resident of India can get a new prepaid connection at anywhere in India as follows, but has to activate in that parent circle only

BSNL Number Activation at anywhere

  • You can book a mobile number in online for a particular circle which you require at BSNL CYMN portal
  • After successful reservation, customer can go to that circle’s retailer or CSC for activation of that prepaid mobile number through Digital EKYC available at present
  • After activation of that prepaid number through BSNL Digital KYC, you can activate BSNL prepaid plans through online from anywhere.

Where the same process is applicable for MNP customer also, but MNP customers can approach any circle required with valid Unique Porting Code without any booking at CYMN portal.

BSNL New Prepaid Connection
BSNL New Prepaid Connection

Can BSNL customer get SIM replacement at anywhere in India?

  • BSNL activations related to circle level only, so any customer who requires new or replacement SIM may approach to that home circle only.

Can BSNL prepaid plan customer convert to postpaid services at anywhere?

  • BSNL provides the facility for prepaid account users to switch to postpaid plans at any time without paying any additional charges for the conversion.
  • The conversion facility will not include the inclusion of the unutilized balance available in the postpaid scheme.
  • Security deposits have to pay as per tariff at the time of migration from BSNL prepaid plans to postpaid.

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