MTNL Mumbai FTTH Plans 2023 (50 / 100 Mbps Unlimited)

Get connect with 100 Mbps unlimited internet plans at Mumbai with MTNL FTTH service, Find exclusive plans of 2023 for Mumbai Customer which also gets devices fixed without using un-branded routers…

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited has announced plans to bring some effective plans for Mumbai customers through its Fibre to the home service, and the State owned telecom operator has launched unlimited tariff Plans with FTTH technology broadband service.

There are a total of 9 packages that are being planned for Mumbai MTNL FTTH user who gets 100 Mbps fiber plans which allows Mumbai online payment, and this unlimited plan starts with a limited price that can be checked from the official website by giving the same 10 Mbps speed while upload and download as well.

BSNL Mumbai FTTH Plans (October 2023)

Broadband PlanDownload / Upload SpeedMonthly RentFree calls
Fiber-44930 Mbps upto 600GB449Unlimited
50 Mbps upto 600GB, then 2Mbps
100 Mbps upto 500GB, then 2Mbps
50 Mbps upto 1000GB, then 2Mbps
100 Mbps upto 900GB, then 2Mbps
50 Mbps upto 1500GB, then 4Mbps
100 Mbps upto 1400GB, then 4Mbps
50 Mbps upto 2000GB, then 4Mbps
100 Mbps upto 1900GB, then 4Mbps
50 Mbps upto 2800GB, then 6Mbps
100 Mbps upto 2700GB, then 6Mbps
50 Mbps upto 4000GB, then 8Mbps
100 Mbps upto 3900GB, then 8Mbps

100 Mbps upto 6600GB, then 10Mbps3999Unlimited
50 Mbps upto 4500GB, then 5Mbps
100 Mbps upto 4000GB, then 5Mbps
50 Mbps upto 7500GB, then 5Mbps
100 Mbps upto 7000GB, then 5Mbps
MTNL Mumbai FTTH Plans List
  1. What is MTNL Mumbai FTTH Speed?

    The Installation of fibre optics has derived an exclusive way to bring the Internet data directly from service providers, thus the speed selected through any plan by customer will be fixed, where Fibre to the Home does not affect the transmission data thus giving customers a constant speed throughout their term plan opted in respective plans.

  2. Does MTNL Mumbai FTTH offer Unlimited Plans?

    The unlimited Plans offered under Fibre to the Home are only for a limited period as described in unlimited tariff plans. As using fibre provides high speed data it directly affects the bandwidth. Once the data allocated under the tariff plan is consumed, the speed of FTTH will be fixed to 512 Kbps which is consistently slow, and thus customers can go top-up for an existing plan or wait for next month’s re-cycle.

  3. Is MTNL FTTH service available in other states?

    The Mahanagar Telecom Nigam Limited is a state-owned service which is only limited to Delhi and Mumbai state, and thus any customer from Other state is not that lucky to subscribe with MTNL service and can easily opt for other telecom service providers existing in the state.

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