BSNL Broadband Password Change Online for DSL / FTTH Internet

Do you know how to change BSNL broadband password in online for your subscribed DSL / FTTH connection, just check the website link, new portal process here and change the same for your high speed internet connection on DSL /Fiber net to avoid unauthorized wired/wireless (WiFi) usage.

ISP introduced new selfcare services in online to change the password of internet login allotted to your BSNL broadband username through registered IP at your installed location, So check the below step by step process in the link given

BSNL Broadband Password Change Process

Follow the simple 4 steps and change your DSL or Fiber Optic Internet broadband password online through given portal on the web.

  1. Browse the URL

    Open your browser from subscribed internet connection (You will be able to change the Broadband password from your registered IP only through desktop / laptop or WiFi enabled device)

  2. Login with your Username and Password

    Login with existing DSL / FTTH broadband username and password (Check your telephone bill or modem for username, and default password is password (If already changed just enter that)

  3. Click Password Change

    Tap on password change option available at left side panel

  4. Enter Passwords

    Provide Old password and New Password with Confirm Password

  5. Click Submit

    Tap on Submit to change password and Check your broadband usage also if required with Know Your Usage option

  1. What is the extension for BSNL broadband username?

    For FTTH users use the extension
    DSL customers can use the extension as
    The above extension can use at the end of the login username (available at the telephone bill) when enters into the respective username field.

  2. What are the other sources to obtain BSNL username?

    There are mainly four sources to obtain BSNL broadband login username as follows
    Login to registered selfcare portal
    Through Telephone bill of BSNL
    Broadband Customer Care
    Approach nearest customer service center

  3. Why we can't change broadband login password from other location?

    Due to security reasons, ISP allowed the customer to change the broadband password through registered IP address of the allotted telephone number only.

  4. Whether we change only through registered IP or through any OTP?

    At present, there is no OTP process to change BSNL broadband password of DSL / FTTH, the only process is login through registered IP address in specified online portal.

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